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Key Factors to Consider when considering Awnings for your home

Turning your outdoor space into the ideal sanctuary for relaxation haven can be relatively simple, if the proper steps are followed. While solar lights, flower pots, and lattice panels can help … [Read More...]

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Luxury design: How to maintain the quality of your interiors

As the economy and housing markets stabilize, homeowners are becoming more and more interested in interior design that features luxury elements and materials. Creating a luxury interior design in your … [Read More...]

closet design plan

Get Organized: Design & Plan Your Space – closet design tips – Part 2

When it comes to getting your closet organized, you need to start with a plan.  Determine what type of closet you have and what type of space you want after is essential to great closet … [Read More...]

wall home safe

Smart Ideas to Hide Your Home Safe

When it comes to your home’s safety, compromising is something you should never do. If you don’t have a safe for your most expensive belongings, you should consider looking for one.  Don't worry about … [Read More...]


Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!! May all your dreams and goals come true... … [Read More...]


Get Organized: Maximize storage space – closet design tips – Part 1

If you are like most homeowners, you never have enough closet space. This is regardless if you have a mega mansion, house in the suburbs, loft condo or ocean front condo. We never have enough space to … [Read More...]

Benjamin Moore - Color of the Year

Decorating Your Home with Paint & Style – 2015

One of the first things that a homeowner is looking for in a new home or existing home, is doing a project that is a winner. Painting is a process that is a hands down winner for decorating with … [Read More...]

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Dream Kitchen Design Ideas from Celebrity Kitchens to make your kitchen more fun

Celebrity Kitchens Ideas to make your kitchen more comfortable and Enjoyable If you love to cook and entertain then you will enjoy feasting your eyes on some magnificent kitchen that are kitchen … [Read More...]

Disney Home - After Design

Childhood Home of Walt Disney gets a Historical Makeover from New Owners

Historical Homes - Walt Disney's Childhood home gets a Makeover with "Start Something Good" Campaign" If you enjoy architecture, like most of our readers, then you will enjoy the news about … [Read More...]

Clever shoe storage ideas

Clever Shoe Storage Ideas

Are you a shoe lover or shoe fashionista? If you are then you will love some of these clever shoe storage ideas we came across.  Some are a take off of a traditional shoe storage approach and … [Read More...]

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Hot Trends in Real Estate – Add-on In-law Suites to the Home

Did you know that one of the hottest trend in real estate these days is to add on a space to a home somewhere on the property, say backyard or side of the house? A recent article in the WallStreet … [Read More...]

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Why Preventive Maintenance Is so Important for Your Home

If you own a home, you can rest assured that it is almost impossible to run out of ways to improve your home. I know that you might be thinking of that person that over improves their home with things … [Read More...]

ADA bathroom sign

Important ADA Bathroom Requirements

If you are involved with  designing or remodeling of  a public bathroom space on a commercial property you should familiarize yourself with the ADA bathroom requirements. Prevention is the best safety … [Read More...]

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Window Treatments: Why are they a Necessity for Your Home?

Making your home more inviting and comfortable does not have to be an expensive, time-consuming and stressful endeavor. If you are looking to steer clear of renovation challenges and don’t want to … [Read More...]

Home Building Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Home Building Mistakes

Horror stories on home building blunders are real and terrifying. These stories are often told by homeowners who miss the recommended meetings with a licensed architect, designer, engineer or … [Read More...]