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How to Avoid Paint Touch Up Problems

If you are like most people that remodel a home, you understand first hand that after painting and remodeling, you will have to touch up the walls. One of the major reasons paint touch up can be a … [Read More...]

Functional Bathroom Design Ideas2

Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing a great looking bathroom is not that difficult if you take the time to make sure the design integrates functionality as well as style. Since the bathroom is often a much smaller space than a … [Read More...]

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Simple Tips to Use for Your Garage Door Tune-Up and Repairs

  If you have a private home with a garage door, then you know a little something about wear and tear on this piece of mechanical equipment. Since the garage door can literally go up and … [Read More...]

kids bathroom ideas

7 Ways to Make a Kid’s Bathroom Design Fun

Designing a kid’s bathroom can be quite fun and exciting. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it also allows you to play with so many color choices, as you experiment with different themes. When … [Read More...]

open shelves

Clever Space Saving and Storage Ideas for your home

  Do you suffer from having too much "stuff" in your home and not enough space to store it all?  Don't worry, you are not alone.  Most homeowners would give their right arm to have more … [Read More...]

retractable roof

3 Great Places to Install Retractable Roofs in Your Home

It is no secret that retractable roof systems are extremely useful. While they tend to be a bit costlier than their stationary counterparts, they make up for it with their outstanding versatility. In … [Read More...]

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Hot Trends for Green Flooring

Are you looking for green flooring ideas for your home? Being eco-friendly is top of mind for several homeowners. If you are looking for ways to have a healthy interior environment taking the green … [Read More...]

easy closet organization Tips

Super Easy Closet Organization Tips and Techniques

Getting Your Closets Organized - Has never been easier - Learn how with these super easy to implement closet organization tips and techniques. Do you happen to be obsessed with organizing your home? … [Read More...]

water conservation - bathroom remodel

Water Conservation – Beautiful and Simple – Bathroom Remodel

When you are in the process of a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, you can still protect the environment with making the right selections.  Saving water is helpful in reducing energy, they go hand … [Read More...]

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How to choose your interior color scheme

Have you ever wondered why some spaces make you feel happier than others? There are several factors but one essential reason is the color scheme. It is a known fact that the wrong color can either … [Read More...]

Creative Kitchen Remodel Ideas - Video

Video: Creative Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Pompano Beach

Have you recently purchased a new home or condo in Pompano Beach?  Is your newly purchased home in need of a kitchen remodel? Are you totally confused on where to start and what to do first? This can … [Read More...]


LED Basics: Why everyone should use LEDs

If you are looking for a great light source in your home remodel project, you should consider using LED lighting. LED stands for Light emitting diodes.  There are several great advantages for using … [Read More...]

Horizon plantation shutters

Why Plantation Shutters Make a Great Investment For Your Home

  Are you considering window treatments for your home?  Do you want window treatments that will make your interior setting look amazing?  Consider taking a closer look at Plantation … [Read More...]

how-to green your-home

Simple and Easy Ways to Green Your Home

Several Homeowners are staying in their current home or choosing to buy an existing home, instead of the headaches of building a new home from the ground up. The reasons vary, but sometimes a … [Read More...]

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The Seven Principles of Universal Design and Why They Matter

Universal Design has been around since the late 1990's. Thanks to the prolific nationally renowned Architect, Ronald L. Mace and several other forward thinking architects, engineers, and designers, we … [Read More...]