Organize your Kitchen with Flair


Since the kitchen is a popular place in in a home and is widely used for preparing food and entertaining, keeping it well organized is essential for maintaining balance and harmony. Keeping your kitchen well organized and your commonly used  kitchen accessories within reach at all times, helps to create a stress free area that is fun for cooking — and entertaining.

Try implementing these useful tips into your kitchen organization planning:

1. Adding a Dry Erase White Board can be a helpful tool to stay organized in the kitchen.

2. Adding shelves to store dishes and kitchen accessories helps keep these items on display. A low shelf beneath an island can hold holds large, heavy items, such as microwaves, pots, small kitchen appliances and books. Try adding an open shelf over the sink to store commonly used items.

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Bring Life to a Small Bathroom Design

Raven Inside Interior Design contemporary bathroom

Since most homes do not have bathrooms that can fit jacuzzi tubs for 10, creativity is needed when working on updating the bathroom remodel.

A small bathroom, does not have to be boring with the essentials, sink, vanity, toilet, tub or shower and plain vanilla walls.  A bathroom remodel project can become qute interesting with the right accessories, such as a spa shower, bathroom lighting, double sinks and faucets and an overall custom look that matches your theme,

Here are some tips on making your bathroom remodel interesting:

1. Create color contrast with walls and the bathroom furnishings and fixtures.

2. Consider a toilet upgrade. Old toilets take up more space and are less efficient than newer models. 

3. Maximize transparency with a glass shower doors and glass sink, since it will act as a window.

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Tips on keeping your dishwasher in shape

During the holiday season, dishwasher use goes into overdrive. However, we should never neglect such an important kitchen appliance.

Here are a few tips on keeping your dishwasher performing at its best:

Rinse off tomato sauces before loading the dishes into the dishwasher. You want to pre-rinse anything with tomatoes, since tomatoes can cause permanent stains.

If you notice a green stain inside your dishwasher, the dye in your detergent is most likely the culprit. Simply switch to a different detergent — consider a dye-free detergent. [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving

May you find joy, love, peace and happiness.  Take the time to reflect  on all of the things that you should be grateful for everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving from Donco Designs

Inspirational Quote: We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whirlpool turns 100 – Happy Anniversary!

Whirlpool celebrates 100th Anniversary

Whirlpool Corporation is celebrating its 100th anniversary! Wow, can you believe that Whirlpool first started on November 11, 1911. Amazing day for the company launch. What a milestone.

Whirlpool makes everything for the home from Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Ranges, Dishwahers, Microwaves, Water Heaters, Water Filtration Systems, Water Coolers and more. A few of the well known Whirlpool brands include:  Whirlpool®, Maytag®, Consul®, Brastemp®, Jenn-Air®, KitchenAid®, Bauknecht®, Gladiator® Garageworks and  Amana®.

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Looking for a Unique Interior Wall Finish? Try Faux Impressions™

Faux Finish metallic-textured Sherwin Williams

Let your walls make a statement with Faux Impressions from Sherwin-William's® specialty finishes collection. Every room will be an original with Faux Impressions™ from Sherwin-Williams®.

The Faux Impressions™ from Sherwin-Williams®. is grouped into four categories:

  • Metallic Impressions
  • Quartz Stone Impressions
  • Artisan Impressions
  • Old World Impressions 

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Popular Kitchen must-haves for Creating a great Kitchen

Kitchen Must Haves - Refrigerator Drawers

Designing an organized kitchen for the at-home chef is about more than just finding a place for all of their “stuff.

Homeowners that enjoy whipping up gourmet meals at home, choosing the right range is critical, as is providing adequate workspace and an efficient layout.

But what about other kitchen essentials? While the answers may differ from client to client and budget to budget, following is a list of some must-haves that are sure to make for a more organized kitchen and happier cook.

KBB Online provides an excellent synopsis on popular kitchen must haves in the 2-part article series on  Create a kitchen that really cooks with these must-haves

A few of the most common Kitchen Must Haves in Kitchen Remodels are:

1. Multiple sinks. Serious cooks and entertainers get frustrated with only kitchen sink

2. Drawers. Deep drawers, shallow drawers—all make life a bit easier and more organized for the cook.

3. Adjustable rollout shelves. Consider organizing spice drawers by use (i.e. barbecue spices for meat prep next to the range, baking spices next to the mixer).

3. Appliance cart. Great for kitchens with liitle space. Use the appliance cart for small gadgets like a toaster oven, food processor, etc. Roll it into the kitchen when you need it and  store when you don’t.

4. Small refrigerator. A 4-cu.-ft. refrigerator or a 27-inch small refrigerator can be used for meal preparation. You can also create refrigerated drawers. Using a refrigerated drawer in the prep area is great entertaining and stashing cold apps or keeping the evenings meal fixings all in one convenient place.

5. Magnetic strips. Very simple and perfect for storing knives—that are easily accessible for the chef.

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Six Worst Home Fixes for the Money

It's the magic phrase uttered by almost anyone who's ever considered the cost of home remodeling: "We'll get it back when we sell."

For example:

• Steel front door: Good.

• Master suite addition: Bad.

Every year, Remodeling magazine looks at the hottest home upgrades and renovations and calculates just how much owners get back with they sell. Upkeep is more popular than upgrades these days, says Sal Alfano, editorial director for Remodeling. These are the projects that often recoup the biggest slice of expenses at resale. But prices and returns do vary regionally, he says.

The six home improvements that rank dead last nationally when it comes to getting renovation dollars back at resale.

1. Home Office Remodel

2. Backup Power Generator

3. Sun-room Addition

4. Upscale Master Suite Addition

5. Bathroom Addition – Note: Additions Usually cost more than reconfiguring existing space.

6. Upscale Garage Addition – Try cleaning out the garage and opt for more organization

Homeowners: Choose your home improvement projects wisely.  Upkeep and maintenance should be at the forefront of all home improvement projects.  Discuss your home improvement project with a licensed home improvement professional.

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