Big kitchen ideas for small spaces

If you live in a Condo or have a home with a small kitchen, you do not have to settle for a cramped kitchen. With the right ktchen design and layout effectively using space, cabinetry and appliances, you can have a dream kitchen.

The Telegraph featured an article on kitchen spaces by the world renowned multi-use appliance maker Scholtès Multiplo. I was captivated by the design and style of the appliances so I visited the Scholtès website. The site took my breath away. The attention to detail of the appliances shoutted loud and clear that all appliances are not alike. Scholtès is in an elite class. Check out the site and see for yourself.

I was amazed to learn that Professional Chefs prefer compact kitchens, so that everything is in reach, according to the author of the book Essential Kitchens, Design guru Sir Terence Conran. This allows them to avoid wasting time "trotting to and fro".

It is a no-brainer that proper space management and maximizing storage and worktop space is crucial when planning a kitchen remodel for a small kitchen. In a recent post on the Donco Designs Blog, "Organize your Kitchen with Flair", we shared a few helpful tips on organizing kitchen strategies.

When looking to redesign your kitchen or before you begn your kitchen remodel, try incorporating a few of the following helpful kitchen design ideas from a few prominent experts in the Kitchen Design Industry:

  1. Add drawers in base units, since they are more space-friendly than cupboards with shelves. This is a general concensus among kitchen designers.
  2. Robert Laurie, design director of Poggenpohl advises having a deep worktop – 75 to 80cm, rather than the standard 60cm – for a large work surface and more room for drawers underneath. ‘It will give you an extra 25 to 30 per cent storage space,’ he says.
  3. Sir Terence Conran suggests incorporating ‘fold-down panels to provide an additional surface for food preparation or a counter to eat at’. – This is one of my favorite suggestions.  It makes sense for multi-purpose use of kitchen surfaces.
  4. Change the architecture of a room to give an illususion that the room is bigger. Add openings in walls to borrow light from adjacent areas and enhance the sense of space. Remove a door or add an arch or pass thru to add more breathing space
  5. Equip kitchens with multifunctional appliances, make sure your appliances double up, Try a combination oven with both a steam and grill function, suggests Ysanne Brooks, editor of Beautiful Kitchens magazine. Scholtès’s compact multi-purpose Multiplo appliance perfectly adheres to this approach. The Multiplo offers five different cooking methods (steaming, boiling, roasting, frying and slow-cooking), and comes with stainless-steel baskets.

  6. Try adding a free standing storage center island, if your kitchen is at least 12 to 15 feet wide. Usually a center island can be outfitted to accomodate multi functions and is convenient from any spot in the kitchen.

Try to mix a few of the ideas above in you next kitchen remodel. Share them with your Kitchen Designer or your Pompano Beach Kitchen Design Contractor,

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