How do kitchens earn the right to be part of your home?

Kitchen Construction

Photo credit: Nobby Kitchens

Have you ever wondered why kitchens these days get as much attention as any other part of a household—in some cases more than the living room? In fact, whether or not a kitchen should continue to exist in your house will greatly depend on the next few paragraphs.

Although there are some people who simply consider the kitchen to be a venue for everything related to food preparation, reality is that the real essence of a kitchen goes beyond this mere belief. In fact, kitchens have played a vital role not only in ensuring that every member of the household is well-nourished but also up to certain neglected yet highly influential events in the evolution of man’s entire way of living.

Mealtime is considered by most families as the best time of the day. It is not only a time to satisfy your physiologic needs for nutrition but also the perfect opportunity to satisfy and intensify and satisfy each of the 7 levels of man’s hierarchy of needs. However, most of us tend to overlook the value of food preparation as well as its value in the entire network of activities and processes within the household, the lives of those residing in it, and how each of them will turn out to be the moment they leave the dining table.

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Condo Kitchen Remodel Gallery

w Palm Aire - white Kitchen 10
If you are wondering about how an Ikea Kitchen Cabinet would look in your kitchen remodel project, take a look at the Palm Aire Kitchen we did using Abstrakt Kitchen Cabinets in High Gloss White. Most people are amazed the quality and the craftsmanship of these cabinets from the pictures that are featured on our website.  One of our favorite customers from New York wanted a nice clean modern look and feel for their Florida get away home.  They allowed us to work with them in creating the “perfect” Florida Home for them to enjoy on their winter vacations.

As you can see from the photos below the kitchen cabinets are just lovely.  We had fun putting this kitchen together and look forward to sharing more Ikea kitchen cabinet designs in the future on our blog. [Read more...]

Before and After Video – Kitchen and Bath Remodel – Palm Aire

 Palm Aire Cypresss Grove - Kitchen and Bath Remodel projectb
Before and after Transformations video for a Kitchen  and Bath Remodel in the beautiful Golf Course Community of Palm Aire.  Our new transformations video took place in the Cypress Grove Condo Community.  I just love working on projects in this area. It is so serene and calm….

As a Pompano Beach remodel contractor, we always enjoy doing complete Kitchen and Bathroom makeovers.  It is  a joy when a client gives us a blank slate to create something new for them. Don’t take this to mean a blank check, just the blank canvas so that we can create a truly special remodel project for their home.

In this Pompano Beach Kitchen remodel project, we totally gutted the old kitchen, down to the bare walls. This included removing the dated cove ceiling panels. We removed wallpaper and an old door that led to the laundry area.
The Pompano Beach Kitchen makeover consisted of new Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Granite Countertops, New Electric Panel Box and Indirect lights with recessed lights in the ceiling.  We also installed three bistro pendant lights over the open pass thru area that was widened to bring the kitchen and living area into a more modern area, as opposed to the original narrow pass thru.

ypress Grove kitchen remodel

Easy Ways To Prevent Costly Roof Repairs

photo credit Baybrook remodelers

photo credit Baybrook remodelers

Easy Ways To Keep Your Roof Strong Throughout The Seasons  And Prevent Costly Repairs

If you have ever experienced a sudden leaky roof, you know how stressful the experience can be, how expensive it can be to repair your roof, and how much damage the problem can cause to the interior of your home. The only way to avoid a leaky roof is to maintain it to the best of your ability from the start. You want to be sure that you take the proper steps throughout every season of the year in order to ensure that your roof will remain strong and intact. If you skimp on the following steps, you will be increasing your risks of having to deal with a leaky roof and you will need to call in contractors to make the necessary repairs.

Prepare for the Winter in the Autumn

The autumn is a great season to get up on your roof and check out how it has been holding up. You want to be sure that all of your shingles are intact and properly set in place. If anything at all is amiss, this is the time to make repairs before the harsh winter hits with its heavy burden of ice and snow. You may even consider reinforcing the shingles with an extra layer of protection that will keep your entire roof strong against the heavy rains and blizzards that can strike at anytime once the winter sets in. If you fail to do these precautionary repairs and improvements now, you may risk having to pay dearly with problems in the winter. [Read more...]

Interior Design: Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet – Guest Post

Carpet vs hardwood flooring
Re-decorating: Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet

When faced with the prospect of re-decorating in the home, there are numerous points that need to be considered before finalizing a design and purchasing supplies. For example, if furniture is to be replaced, a visit to a local showroom might be called for; alternatively, perhaps it will simply require a few minor modifications. Taking some time to choose colors for the walls and woodwork, fabrics and draperies, is also important.

When it comes to floor coverings, deciding between hardwood flooring and carpet may be difficult. Making the right choices will involve carrying out a thorough review of the pros and cons of both possible options.

Advantages and disadvantages of carpeting

Carpeting offers several advantages that may make it the ideal addition to a room or entire home. Carpet provides a high level of comfort, especially the sculptured, textured and plush varieties. It is also available in a rainbow array of colors and patterns, including variegated shades, so there is certain to be one suitable to compliment or contrast with the décor of the room or rooms.

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New Video: Pompano Beach Painting, Crown & Base Molding Project

Pompano Beach Paint Crown and Base
Check out our new video online featuring a new video on Pompano Beach Painting, Crown & Base Molding project in the beautiful Golf Course community of Palm Aire located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The new video features a three bedroom, two and a half bath model condo painted with Crown and Base Molding throughout.

The following colors were used on the walls and the for the Accent walls  the following colors were used in the living room and den.

Model of the condo is the F Unit  in Palm Aire.

The homeowner selected beautiful Benjamin Moore colors for her seasonal Pompano Beach, Florida home.

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Pompano Beach: Palm Aire Kitchen Remodel – The Oaks Course


Palm Aire Kitchen Remodel
It is always fun to start a new kitchen remodel project.  Recently we started a Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodel in the beautiful Golf Course-Country Club Community of Palm Aire.  This particular kitchen remodel is located  on the Oaks Golf Course.  This corner unit has magnificent views of the fairway, our clients, have fun watching sunsets overlooking the golf course on their patio. I love working in South Florida…

In this kitchen remodel, we are tiling the floor,  installing new base molding and opening the wall from the kitchen through the living area to create a pass-thru opening, creating a custom soffit with recessed lights, installing new electric panel box, installing granite countertop and installing new kitchen cabinets.  This new pass thru opening will have  a granite counter top made from the exotic Kashmir White from India and seating area on the dining room side, so that the homeowner can have seated guests at the counter, while cooking in the new gourmet kitchen.  This open concept is really a must have in South Florida, especially if you live in a condo in Pompano Beach in the Palm Aire Community.

I am especially excited about this Palm Aire kitchen Remodel, because this is the first real update for this unit after the homeowner purchased it about a year ago.  It is not uncommon for a snowbird/seasonal resident to purchase a home in Pompano Beach and wait to remodel.  I have found that a kitchen remodel, is right up there after painting and flooring, especially for the seasonal homeowner.  Making their Florida home, a tropical get-away is really top on the list, something to look forward to when getting away from up north, from places like Canada, New York and New Jersey.

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Samsung Sparkling Water Refrigerator


Make your kitchen remodel standout with a Samsung sparkling water refrigerator

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, you must take a look at the new Samsung Sparkling Water Refrigerator.  The two door and two drawer refrigerator will definitely make your kitchen remodel look great. The size and dimensions for this 31 cubic feet modified french door refrigerator is: 35 3/4″ x 70″ x 35 1/2″,

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this beautiful Samsung refrigerator in person at my local Sears Appliance Center.  I was blown away with the sleekness of the design and how well organized this Samsung refrigerator is designed.

If you love sparking water, you will enjoy having it at your finger tips, thanks to the brilliant partnership between Samsung and SodaStream on this new  refrigerator. It is so simple and convenient for you to add the Co2 cartridge to the door of the refrigerator. It is seamless integration with the design and look of this magnificent refrigerator.

The Samsung design team thought of everything when they designed this refrigerator. To start, it has four doors and has the capacity for 31 bags of groceries.  This is great for a family or a person that does a lot of entertaining.  It also has a twin cooling plus system that helps keep your fresh vegetables fresher longer. This cooling system also helps protect against freezer burns.

You don’t have to worry about keeping your refrigerator organized with the Counter height flex zone drawers that have flexible compartments. The homeowner can store Party Trays, ColdCuts, Cold Drinks and Meats all at different temperatures. This is definitely beneficial for homeowners that like to cook with fresh ingredients or that likes to grill fresh fish or meats.

The flexible storage space in the Samsung Sparkling Water refrigerator gets better with the sliding and folding shelves.  Have you ever had a problem storing tall items in your refrigerator?  This problem is alleviated with the slide in/ flip up shelves.

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel or in the process of a kitchen remodel, I suggest that you check out this innovative and efficient Samsung refrigerator. This new Samsung Sparkling water refrigerator retails for about $3,899.00. If you shop around, I am sure that you can find a deal or a sale on this item.

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New Video – Before & After Bathroom Remodel – Pompano Beach


Pompano Beach Bathroom remodel web

Check out the new Donco Designs video below of a Before & After Bathroom remodel in Pompano Beach.

You can see the beautiful job that was done on two bathrooms – a full bathroom and a powder room. The Bathroom makeover included gutting both bathrooms down to the studs and the following items:

  • crown molding,
  • frameless shower doors,
  • new toilet, new towel bars,
  • new custom glass shelf
  • Converting a tub to a shower
  • Accessible Design
  • Grab Bar
  • Shower Bench
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5 Easy Updates for Creating a Spa-Like Bedroom

Creating a Spa Bedroom Makeover


Serenity Makeover:

One of the most enjoyable pleasures of life is walking into your beautifully spa-like bathroom to enjoy a warm relaxing bath in a soaking tub or spa jets in your shower. Soaking in a tub of luxurious bath salts, essential oils or enjoying invigorating spa jets massaging your body are perfect ways to melt away the stress of the day.

Having your very own Spa-Like bathrooms to enjoy in your personal home is great and is still a top of the list request for a bathroom makeover. However, a new trend seems to be emerging, which is to carry that spa-like bathroom feel  into the bedroom to create a spa-style bedroom. Creating this Zen-Like atmosphere into the bedroom is easily accomplished by adding appropriate decorating touches (think soft lighting, gauzy blinds and textured bedding in soothing hues) at a little extra cost to enhance the surroundings. Here are some basic tips to update your bedroom and infuse your life with peacefulness.

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