New Video – Before & After Bathroom Remodel – Pompano Beach


Pompano Beach Bathroom remodel web

Check out the new Donco Designs video below of a Before & After Bathroom remodel in Pompano Beach.

You can see the beautiful job that was done on two bathrooms – a full bathroom and a powder room. The Bathroom makeover included gutting both bathrooms down to the studs and the following items:

  • crown molding,
  • frameless shower doors,
  • new toilet, new towel bars,
  • new custom glass shelf
  • Converting a tub to a shower
  • Accessible Design
  • Grab Bar
  • Shower Bench
  • Custom Shower Shelf [Read more...]

5 Easy Updates for Creating a Spa-Like Bedroom

Creating a Spa Bedroom Makeover


Serenity Makeover:

One of the most enjoyable pleasures of life is walking into your beautifully spa-like bathroom to enjoy a warm relaxing bath in a soaking tub or spa jets in your shower. Soaking in a tub of luxurious bath salts, essential oils or enjoying invigorating spa jets massaging your body are perfect ways to melt away the stress of the day.

Having your very own Spa-Like bathrooms to enjoy in your personal home is great and is still a top of the list request for a bathroom makeover. However, a new trend seems to be emerging, which is to carry that spa-like bathroom feel  into the bedroom to create a spa-style bedroom. Creating this Zen-Like atmosphere into the bedroom is easily accomplished by adding appropriate decorating touches (think soft lighting, gauzy blinds and textured bedding in soothing hues) at a little extra cost to enhance the surroundings. Here are some basic tips to update your bedroom and infuse your life with peacefulness.

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How Unusual and Creative Design makes Architecture Interersting

What makes good design in architecture?  Is it the vision of the designer or architect or the builder that brings it all to life?  Personally I think that it is a combination of several people to bring good architecture to life.

Recently I came across a slideshow of unusual architecture that really stood out as unique.

A few photos that really grabbed my attention were:

1) The Church by the Sea in Tampa Bay Florida that is known as the Chicken Chapel because of its design.  The iconic designed building resembles the face of a chicken with round windows for the eyes and barrel tile that resembles the beak of a bird and wings. The church, located on Madeira Beach in Tampa, was established in 1944. The bird-like features are supposed to be used as a compass to direct ships east and west. Clever design…

chicken_church_Tampa Flo

Photo credit: ABC News

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Make Your Home Remodel Ideas a Reality with Kohler

kohler _ Bold makes your dreams a reality

I am always impressed with Kohler creative and how they are able to just capture the essence of why their products are great for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. They just launched a new commercial series on how Kohler products work for a kitchen and a bathroom without selling. I love, love it…. Check out the new commercial How Bold Makes your Dreams a Reality….

Air Duct Cleaning – A Great Option after a Remodel

air duct cleaning

Should I invest in Air duct cleaning after my home remodeling project? Customers frequently ask this question after remodeling jobs such as new flooring, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or painting project. We always recommend it, because it can only help improve the home’s air quality, especially after large construction projects that can create a lot of construction dust. If you suffer from allergies, this should be a given and considered throughout the year.

I recommend homeowners to check their air ducts to see if they look dirty. This is just a basic test, but if the air ducts in your home look dirty, you should call a reputable air duct cleaning company. Make sure that you check out the air duct cleaning company to make sure that they have the right equipment and have a good reputation.

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Bathroom Updates Make The Difference in a Remodel

Affordable bathroom remodel updates

In an older home, you are more likely to find a bathroom that has a dated look. Depending on the size of the budget, there are many ways to make a bathroom remodel affordable.  If  you choose the right bathroom remodel contractor, you can have a beautiful new affordable bathroom remodel.  Start the process with your wish list and desired items and discuss with your contractor. It is important to choose a bathroom remodel contractor that you trust and that listens to your desires. This will help you get the desired results for your affordable bathroom remodel.

Paints, Primer, and Preparation

One sign that your bathroom needs updating is that if your bathroom has powder puff pink, avocado green or baby blue porcelain tile or yellow stains on your tub or bathroom counter. Selecting tile sizes and colors that are current is really the first place to start, when embarking on a bathroom remodel. Since the tile is something that will be a focal point on the walls and floor, it really can provide a wow factor for an updated bathroom remodel. Visit  showrooms like Porcelanosa – USA or discount center Floor & Decor to get a visual of new styles and trends. [Read more...]

Using Mosaic Tile: Brings Beauty and Fun to a Remodel Project

photo credit Susan Jablon Mosaic Tile

photo credit Susan Jablon Mosaic Tile

Any tile less than 2 inches wide is considered a Mosaic Tile. Although in the past, mosaics were laid, literally one tile at a time, in more recent times mosaic tile comes in a form that has a mesh backing on a sheet of tile.

Mosaic tiles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, designs and materials. You can find mosaic tile in glass, porcelain, stone and the wildly popular metal. In a more traditional mosaic tile pattern, the tile pattern will not vary from sheet to sheet. In other instances, you will find mosaic tile patterns that are random, which creates interesting floor designs.

The main reason that I like to use mosaic tile in bathrooms is that it helps make a neutral pattern pop and come to life.  It does take some time and consideration in the overall design because mosaic tile can create havoc in the process, if the wrong colors or shades are chosen.

photo credit: Susan Jablon

photo credit: Susan Jablon

Real life example, a client fell in love with a mosaic that did not blend well with the other tile that was selected. The mosaic tile was gorgeous, as was the main tile.  However, the tiles did not work well or  play well together in the bathroom.  Unfortunately the client thought they would work well under a different lighting in a tile showroom. After installing the mosaic tile and looking at it next to the main wall tiles, it did not work at all and had to be taken down. Valuable lesson learned, lighting is important and can make something look entirely different.

photo credit: Mod walls

photo credit: Mod walls

When making a selection of using a mosaic tile in a bathroom or kitchen, it is important to see it all together. I suggest creating an imagination station in your home with the tile or an area in a tile showroom.  Looking at the tile with several pieces plotted out will help tremendously.  There are several software programs that allow you to upload various tile options  to see how they would look in your space.

When using mosaic tiles in a home remodel project, don’t forget to consider using lighting to bring out the beauty of mosaic tiles with color. If done properly, mosaic tile can turn a wall or floor into a masterpiece work of art. It is a great way to spice up a wall in a bathroom or kitchen.

Commonly used materials for Mosaic Tile include the following:

  • Glass Mosaic Tile
  • Porcelain Mosaic Tile
  • Pebble Mosaic Tile
  • Metal Mosaic Tile
  • Ceramic Mosaic Tile
  • Stone Mosaic Tile

 A few Mosaic Tile Manufacturers we like include:
Susan Jablon Mosaics – New York Company – Uniquely creative designs by inspired artists  - If you can dream it, they can create it and customize it for your needs. They are passionate about design and quality.
Modwalls - Modwalls’ aesthetic is modern and mid century inspired. I like the fact that they make beautiful quality tile that is fun and inspiring yet, so very affordable.
Mosaic House - Mosaic House is a New York based tile company specializing in Moroccan tiles. Exotic tiles that are rich in texture and color.


Happy Valentines Day – Color Picker Captures Hearts

happy valentines day

Happy Valentines Day!!!

It is that time of year again and Love is in the Air….

Benjamin Moore has captured so many hearts with the splendid and helpful color picker. I just could not help smiling when how I saw the splendid color combos that were shown on the Benjamin Moore Facebook page. Clever and whimsical, but it brought the message home loud and clear of how easy the tool is to use.

Benjamin Moore Color capture 3 Raspberry Truffle

How so very appropriate for valentines day using colors and scenes that inspire fun and love.

Check out the lovely color palettes created instantly by the Benjamin Moore color capture tool.

Color Picker - Happy Valentines Day

You can use this versatile handy app to snap a picture of a color inspiration that catches your eye and you can instantly find its match from Benjamin Moore’s extensive color line.


Benjamin Moore Color Capture 2 Island Sunset

Color Capture 2.7 for iPhone

  • Share your favorite colors on facebook®, twitter® and e-mail.
  • Save your pictures and their coordinating colors to your Favorites.
  • Group colors in Favorites to create personalized combos.
  • Browse through Benjamin Moore’s inspirational color cards.
  • Access our full-spectrum color wheel to search colors.
  • Color Capture tool available for iPod Touch® and iPad®.


Benjamin Moore Color capture 4 Cactus Flower

Color Capture 1.0 for Android phones

  • Capture inspirational photos and find their matching Benjamin Moore colors.
  • Save your favorite colors and tag notes.
  • Access Benjamin Moore’s full-spectrum color wheel to search colors.

Click on the following link for more on the Benjamin Moore Color Capture App for Android and Iphone

I hope that you have a Happy Valentines Day.

If you are in need of a Professional Pompano Beach Painter for professional Design Advice on colors and options for your home, drop us a line or give us a call.  We will be more than glad to help you in your design project.


Make Your Kitchen Remodel Special with MotionSense Hands free Faucet

MotionSense Moen

Make your kitchen a little more special with the MotionSense faucet from Moen. This Motionsense faucet is one of the hot new trend in kitchen design.  Thankfully, the kitchen is No longer left out since motion sensor faucets are not just for bathroom faucets or commercial use.

The great thing that I like about the MotionSense faucet is that there are three ways to turn the water on from the faucet. The first way is a nice sleek handle on the side. The second way is a sensor that is activated when a hand passes over the top of the arched spout. The third way is to place an object under the spout for the water to turn on.

I agree that the MotionSense faucet by Moen uniquely delivers convenience on command for the well designed kitchen.

Kudos to Moen for a job well done in creating a stellar hands free faucet in a sleek modern design for the kitchen.

Don’t worry if you have a particular style in the kitchen, Moen has you covered with several finishes and offers three models to choose from:

Check out the video below on MotionSense from Moen:

What others are saying about MotionSense Faucet by Moen:

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Video – Pompano Beach Condo Remodel (Beta)


Check out the new Donco Designs Video – Beta Version

This video features a Pompano Beach Condo remodel

The pompano beach condo remodel project consisted of:

  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Crown  & Base Moulding
  • Painting
  • Tile Flooring Remodel