Pro Tips on Buying Kitchen Appliances

samsung refrigerator - kitchen appliances

Your kitchen appliance purchase will be major investment, both in out of pocket expense and with your time. Buying kitchen appliances can be a challenging task because you have s many options to consider, from energy saving, to designer models, to low cost models. This can sometimes be overwhelming.

It is important to realize that in a kitchen remodel, the selection of kitchen appliances is a very critical step in making your new kitchen look and feel fabulous. It is not just purchasing the latest and greatest new product, but rather, knowing what will work best for you and your family in your space.

Here are few professional tips to help guide your through the kitchen appliance buying process. If you are prepared before you start the process, you will be more confident with your kitchen appliance buying decisions.

  • Research and read reviews on products before you go shopping. You want to look at their likes and dislikes of the products.
  • Make a list of your priority features in products.  Are you looking for “energy efficient or “lifetime warranty”, it is important to bring this list when you go shopping so that you can compare which retailer is offering the best price with most of your appliance feature requirements.

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Before and After – Pompano Beach Condo Remodel

Pompano Beach - Kitchen


Check out this new before and after Pompano Beach Condo Remodel video from Donco Designs….

Fun and entertaining background music…

I hope you enjoy the video.

Find Your Room’s Color Personality – use color to dramatically change a room

three dramatic color palette

photo credit Lowes

We have all heard that  a gallon of paint can change the look and feel of a room.  Did you know that it can change the room’s personality, also?  You must be wondering what personality are we talking about the homeowner or the room.  Since every room has it’s own unique style and feel, it also stands to reason that a room also has it’s very own personality.

I work with clients all the time in trying to choose a paint color for a room or entire home. It can be a daunting task.  The first question to answer is what message are you trying to convey with this room?

There are a host of Paint choices to choose from: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Martha Stewart, Behr, Valspar and a host of other well known brands.

Recently I came across an article on that brilliantly showcased three distinctly different looks for one room.  This was achieved by a room visualizer and some very creative people.  How do you decide what paint to use on your walls to really make them pop?  Take a look at the three distinctly designed rooms , that happen to be the same room. [Read more...]

What to Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floor

Photo credit: The Garrison Collection – Time Inspired

There are a lot of reasons to buy hardwood flooring: it’s easy to take care of, it looks nice, and it can increase the value in your home. Hardwood floors are better for people with allergies than carpet. So, if you are convinced that installing hardwood floors is right for you, here are some guidelines to help you choose the right kind.

Your Style

Think about your design style when choosing hardwood flooring. Are you contemporary or more traditional in your design? Some woods like maple lend themselves to a contemporary design while oak is seen as more traditional. Part of your style is dependent on your home. Look at how much lighting you have and the other hardwood in your home. Don’t forget the wall colors as well. Each of these is important when choosing a type and color of hardwood.

If you have a bright, airy room with a lot of natural light coming in, you can go with dark hardwood on the floor and it will balance the area and space out. The same concept holds true in the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets can make a nice contrast with rich dark floors, on another hand, a deep colored kitchen cabinet may look more attractive with a with a lighter hardwood floor. [Read more...]

Inspiring closet renovations – Before and After closet makeovers

photo credit: Architecture Digest - - Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design

photo credit: Architecture Digest – – Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design

Organizing a closet can be a blessing and a curse… The blessing is that it helps you get organized.  The curse is that you have to go decide what to keep and how to get it organized. This can be a daunting task, that is why it should be left to the those that re strong and the help of a professional closet designer and organizer.

If you have a budget and a real commitment to getting organized, you should hire a professional closet design firm. Here are several great before and after photos below showing you the wonders of this.

If you are a DIY – Don’t fret, you can still create a beautiful closet makeover with a lot of time and effort.  Take a look at one of the featured photos below by a homeowner. One word of caution, if you are a procrastinator and time is not on your side, just hire  a closet design professional that will work within your budget, you will be glad that you did in the end with the finished results.

Here are few tips you may want to consider before embarking on your closet makeover renovation project are:

  • Start with a plan
  • Draw a sketch of your closet
  • Take Inventory of ALL of your items
  • Make a list of what to keep
  • Make a list of what to get rid of
  • Start the project in sections – this will keep you from getting overwhelmed
  • Have a firm date on finishing the inventory process
  • Start looking at different shelving options for the closet materials
  • Create a reward system for your success on your closet organization

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A Look Inside Sammy Sosa’s $7.6 M South Florida Mansion

sammy-sosa-down-to-pool - Photo credit: yahoo homes

sammy-sosa-down-to-pool – Photo credit: yahoo homes

First of all Happy Birthday Sammy Sosa!!  I always admired you while you were playing baseball. I am glad to see that things have calmed down in your life. Congratulations on the great birthday gift this year, your new  $7.6 Million mansion in North Miami Beach. The views from your new Ocean front home are spectacular and breathtaking.  If you need help decorating or making any changes, we are available at your service, come rain or shine…. back to the matter at hand, our blog post highlighting the special features of Sammy Sosa’s new Miami Mansion.

First, I must confess that I was taken aback when i first saw the pictures.  The views were outstanding, but the inside was just nice. I just expected so much more, but after taking a second look, I realized that since the house was decorated yet by an Interior Designer, it was just a nice mansion with a gorgeous view.

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10 Super Easy Ideas to Steal for Your Kitchen Makeover

Bring Acent Color - Kitchen Remodel

Photo Credit – Lisa Romerein –

If you are interested in a kitchen redesign, you are always on the lookout for fun easy, and affordable ways to update and remodel your kitchen. As a Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodel Contractor, we are always asked by customers, how much will it cost to remodel a kitchen.  My standard answer is that it really depends upon a lot of variables.  The next question is “How can I remodel my kitchen on a budget? My answer is very easy, if you follow the plan that has worked with so many for years.

How to Start Your Kitchen Remodel Planning Process

You start the kitchen remodel process by planning and research. The first step is to make a list for the kitchen remodel. Next you come up with a budget that you are comfortable with. Next you start looking online on sites like Next you make a book with your tastes and preferences, online or print.  Personally, I recommend a binder, because you can take with you, as you go shopping and take notes along the way. After you have gone shopping and started looking at things in person, you may want to go back an adjust your budget, now that you have gotten a feel of your tastes and actual prices.

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How do kitchens earn the right to be part of your home?

Kitchen Construction

Photo credit: Nobby Kitchens

Have you ever wondered why kitchens these days get as much attention as any other part of a household—in some cases more than the living room? In fact, whether or not a kitchen should continue to exist in your house will greatly depend on the next few paragraphs.

Although there are some people who simply consider the kitchen to be a venue for everything related to food preparation, reality is that the real essence of a kitchen goes beyond this mere belief. In fact, kitchens have played a vital role not only in ensuring that every member of the household is well-nourished but also up to certain neglected yet highly influential events in the evolution of man’s entire way of living.

Mealtime is considered by most families as the best time of the day. It is not only a time to satisfy your physiologic needs for nutrition but also the perfect opportunity to satisfy and intensify and satisfy each of the 7 levels of man’s hierarchy of needs. However, most of us tend to overlook the value of food preparation as well as its value in the entire network of activities and processes within the household, the lives of those residing in it, and how each of them will turn out to be the moment they leave the dining table.

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Condo Kitchen Remodel Gallery

w Palm Aire - white Kitchen 10
If you are wondering about how an Ikea Kitchen Cabinet would look in your kitchen remodel project, take a look at the Palm Aire Kitchen we did using Abstrakt Kitchen Cabinets in High Gloss White. Most people are amazed the quality and the craftsmanship of these cabinets from the pictures that are featured on our website.  One of our favorite customers from New York wanted a nice clean modern look and feel for their Florida get away home.  They allowed us to work with them in creating the “perfect” Florida Home for them to enjoy on their winter vacations.

As you can see from the photos below the kitchen cabinets are just lovely.  We had fun putting this kitchen together and look forward to sharing more Ikea kitchen cabinet designs in the future on our blog. [Read more...]

Before and After Video – Kitchen and Bath Remodel – Palm Aire

 Palm Aire Cypresss Grove - Kitchen and Bath Remodel projectb
Before and after Transformations video for a Kitchen  and Bath Remodel in the beautiful Golf Course Community of Palm Aire.  Our new transformations video took place in the Cypress Grove Condo Community.  I just love working on projects in this area. It is so serene and calm….

As a Pompano Beach remodel contractor, we always enjoy doing complete Kitchen and Bathroom makeovers.  It is  a joy when a client gives us a blank slate to create something new for them. Don’t take this to mean a blank check, just the blank canvas so that we can create a truly special remodel project for their home.

In this Pompano Beach Kitchen remodel project, we totally gutted the old kitchen, down to the bare walls. This included removing the dated cove ceiling panels. We removed wallpaper and an old door that led to the laundry area.
The Pompano Beach Kitchen makeover consisted of new Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Granite Countertops, New Electric Panel Box and Indirect lights with recessed lights in the ceiling.  We also installed three bistro pendant lights over the open pass thru area that was widened to bring the kitchen and living area into a more modern area, as opposed to the original narrow pass thru.

ypress Grove kitchen remodel