Shopping: Bathroom Remodel Plumbing Fixtures

photo credit - Hans Grohe

photo credit – Hans Grohe

If you are considering a Bathroom remodel in South Florida, you will be faced with the challenge of selecting bathroom plumbing fixtures. This is a process that should not be taken lightly because there is so much to consider. The two important things are budget and finish.  Which comes first is a conundrum, but they are both critical. One very important takeaway is that you can transform your bathroom with selecting the right faucet to complete the style and look for your bathroom remodel.

During the selection process for plumbing fixtures, I am amazed at how many people never seem to have an idea about their tastes and preferences for the bathroom remodel.  I can recall in one Pompano Beach Bathroom Remodel, a client literally said to just pick anything because the fixtures were all the same.  This is so far from being true.   Just like with anything, you always get what you pay for. I never recommend going with the cheapest of anything, always look for ones with best quality.  That being said, you do not have to purchase a lavatory faucet that cost $900 just to get quality, you can go for a faucet that cost about $200 – $300 and have a quality lavatory faucet that will last for many years. [Read more…]

3 Amazing Interior Design Trends For Your Modern Home

You all have heard of Leonardo da Vinci. He is just one of the popular names in renaissance art.
Being the master that he is, you can get some insights from him in selecting the best interior
designs for your modern home.

Minimalist style is the new trend in modern homes

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This is one of Da Vinci’s notable quotes. Apparently, this
is also the trending theme for most modern homes. Today’s generation is learning the basic principle in architecture. Form follows function. Most people are opting for clean and open living spaces with minimal furniture. Purpose has become the deciding factor for the interior design of a modern home.

Photo credit:  Jeremy Levine Design

Photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design

Steel and glass are also prominent features in modern home interiors. These materials give your living spaces that elegant modern look. They are also very economical and practical as they are easily available in your local furniture store. [Read more…]

Creating a Wonder Woman themed Bedroom design

If you are of a certain age, you may remember a TV series from the 1970’s called Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter. As a kid, I looked forward to watching the weekly Wonder Woman show to see what new amazing adventures were in store for Lynda Carter. I especially loved her signature red boots. How could anyone not love the vibrant powerful colors, especially young impressionable girls? Although I am sure several boys watched the series too, since it was a popular family friendly show. There is a major Wonder Woman movie in the works and is scheduled to be released in 2017 by a major studio.

Let’s think about how we would create a bedroom with a Wonder Woman theme. Yes, this is definitely something I am sure that several families around the globe are faced with this task, since this is a character that is becoming very popular again. The Wonder Woman bedroom, is filled with fantasy and possibilities of empowerment. There are several ways to accomplish this Wonder Woman bedroom theme. One way is literally with all the paraphernalia related to the character, and the other is more subtle with colors and inspired design elements.

Red Barcelona Chair - Pavillion chair -

Photo credit: Red Barcelona Chair – Pavillion chair – IFN Modern

If you are an adult Wonder Woman collector, you will love the mature inspired super hero  theme  the designer Aman Dhalay featured in her brilliant blog post: Superhero comforts – A Wonder Woman Inspired Room on the Life of Elle Calgary Blog. This is an approach that blends literal and inspired into a polished looking bedroom that anyone would enjoy. My favorite item is the comfy red Barcelona chair. You can have your very own Barcelona style Pavillion Chair that is sleek, stylish and modern by the stellar furniture and design team at IFN Modern. I could definitely see this chair and ottoman being a great addition to just about any room or style. [Read more…]

Soothing Paint Colors that will change your world

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore - Guilford Green

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore – Guilford Green

Pompano Beach Remodel Project – New Video

Palm Aire Pompano remodel

Palm Aire Pompano remodel

It is always fun and exciting sharing remodel projects with our readers.  I  am really elated on sharing a sneak peek video on one of my favorite Pompano Beach Remodel projects.  This particular one was very near and dear to my heart.  The two owners were a fabulous couple with great tastes.

We did just about everything in this condo. The highlight of the project was the custom wainscot on the walls.  This took a lot of planning and coordination to come up with the exact look and pattern that would make this South Florida get-away home really special. We were looking for something that was not your typical plain vanilla wainscot.  I think that you will agree from the video that the final design really fit the bill.

Another thing that made this Palm Aire Pompano Beach Remodel project stand out was that we added a nice crown and coordinating base molding to these 10 foot ceilings.  What a difference it makes in the room.

We used beautiful designer historic colors from Benjamin Moore on the walls.  The walls were knockdown texture, so the colors really had to stand out. I am happy to say that the final color scheme chosen was simply fantastic.  When you go throughout the entire home, you feel the warmth of the colors and it makes the entire home feel inviting and enjoyable.

Check out the following New Video:

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It’s National Paint Week – Where Can We Start In Your Home?

photo credit - sherwin williams painting week 2015

photo credit – sherwin williams painting week 2015

Time Flies… Can you believe it that it is May already?  Even more startling, can you believe that it is National Painting Week with Sherwin Williams. National Painting Week is May 11  – May 16, 2015.

I am sure that you are wondering why is it this week? It is the perfect time of year to make a seasonal change of colors in your home. Although Summer officially starts June 21st for 2015, we are all getting in the mood for summer breaks and vacations.

One of the best things about National Painting Week – Sherwin Williams is that not only is it about giving homeowners inspiration on how they can improve their homes, it is about giving back to the community too.

In 2015, the Sherwin Williams employees is celebrating National Painting Week, throughout the U.S. and Canada by donating Sherwin Williams products to non-profits, churches, schools and other deserving organizations that help make a difference in local communities.  This admirable community serving project is all the way from Alaska to Florida. The Sherwin Williams Team is rolling up their sleeves and painting the community nationwide with a brush and the spirit of love for the community.

We all know that home improvements can have a huge impact on how you feel in your home. This goes for living in the space and the desire to be in the space.  What better way to make an impact on your home than to spruce  up the home with a new painting remodel project.  Now you can think outside the box and think beyond your walls.  When planning your paint remodel project, let yourself be bold and daring and consider painting the ceilings, trims, doors and even some furnishings with a color that can make an impact instead of just blending in.

If you are looking for a way to give your home the curb appeal from outdoors, consider a nice fresh paint job on the exterior.  This will make a huge impact on your desire to want to drive up to your home from a long day at work. Try some of the new colors and color combinations that Sherwin Williams is showing now with their new HGTV paint colors.  The colors are so remarkable and fun, that I am certain they have something for just about everyone’s taste palette. [Read more…]

4 Design Tips on How to Use Classic Styling that is Timeless

Have you ever marveled at a large, inviting lounge or a sumptuous bedroom in an upscale hotel and wondered how you can give your own home the same look?  If so, you are like countless individuals that appreciate timeless elegance and classic styling. Each season fashion trends in home décor come and go like a warm spring tide, however, there are certain design traditions  that are timeless,  treasured and endured forever.  Here are a few tips on how to give your home a touch of the classic treatment:

Create a focal point

We use the word “classic” to describe something that’s considered outstanding and of the highest quality. This is definitely what makes up the key ingredients in designing classic interiors. The focus is on simple and graceful lines, as opposed to design options that are too busy or too cluttered.

One very popular classic touch is a fireplace as a focal point in a classic living area. You would add your  stylish furniture carefully and symmetrically grouped to accent the fireplace. In the classic bedroom, a bed, would be the focal point of the room.

In both instances, balance and symmetry are extremely important. In the living space, your feature fireplace will be accompanied by matching armchairs, with an ornate mirror or a landscape painting hanging above it. In the bedroom, your bed, would be tastefully adorned with cushions and throws will be placed between matching bedside tables and lamps.

Consider balance and shapes when choosing window treatments

Think again of those matching armchairs around your fireplace and remember they are an important part of emphasizing the symmetry of your classic living room. In the same way you need to ensure that doors and windows throughout your home reflect an equal sense of balance. Matching blinds or curtains can be effective in a room where you have two identical windows. However, if you install full height shutters instead, you can create a stunning, yet fresh, classic interior. Mount these next to doors and windows throughout your home for best effect.

Choose paint colors and tones that are understated and classic

In classic interiors, paint colors are chosen to enhance muted tones or those that reflect natural elements, such as earth, grass, clear skies or wildflower shades. If you want to be creative, you can add interesting colors such as terracotta, maroon, plum or the delightful Pantone Color of the Year 2015, “Marsala”. Contrasting shades that work well with these colors are cream, soft beige or off-white, rather than brighter, more garish tones.

Incorporate elegant textiles into the design

Canvas, cotton, leather, softened linen and velvet fabrics are among the favorites of the top designers who re-create classic interiors – this is as much about how these textiles drape and feel as it is about the look. There’s no need, for example, to overuse any specific element – just as the natural colors of marble, stone and wood look great when used on flooring and walls, so fabrics that absorb light (as in muted) or reflect it (quietly glowing, never brazenly shiny) will perfectly complement these natural surfaces.

Now that you have some of the tricks of the trade at your fingertips you can happily go about recreating those coveted inspirational designs at home. Keep it simple and enjoy creating your very own classic interiors.

The Living Cube – Excellent Multifunction space saving solution


Photos by Rob Lewis –  Idea and Concept by Till Könneker – Build by Remo Zimmerli

I am in awe of the super creative and talented Designer Till Konneker. I absolutely his genius multifunction Living Cube Concept.

If you have not heard of the Living Cube (note: this is trademarked), you definitely must continue reading, I am sure that you will find it fascinating. [Read more…]

How to determine if a Quartz countertop will work in your Kitchen

When you are considering a quartz material for your kitchen remodel, there are lots of options to choose from. However, if you are looking for durability, beauty and the best bang for your dollars, you have to take a long hard look at quartz material for your countertop. Although, Quartz is not a new material, it is however, front and center in the modern kitchen countertop design and other countertop surfaces in the home such as a bar top, kitchen island and bathroom vanities.

Let’s take a look at some of the compelling reasons that make a quartz countertop the material of choice for unique, quality and design inspired countertops in a home. [Read more…]

Creative Ways You Can Make a Room Feel Bigger

Do you have a space problem with an area of your home? Do you wish that a certain room was just larger? You are not alone. This is the number one complaint that I hear from clients when working with them on a design project.  However, given the right strategies, you can make your size issue not matter.

Here are some tips that you can use to make any room in your home appear larger and more inviting:

pottery barn - Mirror

pottery barn – Oxford Mirror

  1. Use a Large Mirror in the room. A wall mirror used to highlight a main area of the room really makes a difference. When you use a mirror, it serves to open up a space.  This does not mean that you need to have large mirrored walls like they did in the 70’s, but tasteful large wall mirrors, can bring life to any room and make it feel more inviting and much larger; even though it is an illusion, it works. The Pottery Barn Oxford – wood carved mirror, featured above would make an excellent addition to any room, such as an entrance or even can be used in a bathroom over a vanity.
  2. Add Proper Lighting – Natural light, lamps, or LED lights can take away the darkness of a corner. When you do this, it opens up the space or area and gives it a more welcoming feel. When you can invest in new windows, by all means do so, it really makes the place look different from the outside and the inside. If budget is a problem, invest in good interior lighting, such as spot lights or interesting lamps. Don’t forget that the light bulbs do matter.  Shop smart and invest in LED bulbs when possible. It makes a huge difference with the type of lighting in a room.

    photo credit - Native Trails  Americana Vanity

    photo credit – Native Trails
    Americana Vanity

  3. Add furnishings that have interesting legs – Believe it or not, legs really can make a difference in a room. The height, size, width, color and overall shape of leg furnishings can make a room feel more modern. This may sound strange but it is definitely true. Take a look at an end table or a sofa. The legs help add to the look. This especially holds true for a bathroom vanity. Be sure to check the legs of the vanity when you are doing a bathroom remodel. This can make the bathroom look much larger with the right kind of legs. The beautiful 36 inch vanity by Native Trails, Inc., would be a great addition to a small bathroom looking for something with a unique flair.murphy bed
  4. Add Multifunctional furniture. When you really want to maximize space, it is always wise to use furniture that has multi compartments.  A very popular item is the murphy bed system.  You can have storage, lighting, a desk, a couch, and a bed all in one piece.  They are really stylish today and come in many sizes and colors.