Color Options for Granite Countertops

Granite countertop colors

Granite Countertop colors

Selecting Your Granite Countertop: Are you considering granite for your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity?  If so, you have a lot of choices to choose from.

The Natural Beauty of Granite Colors: Since granite is a natural beauty, all granite slabs will have some variation from another granite slab. This helps make your selected granite countertop unique. It is wonderful helping a client go to a granite slab yard for making a selection for a kitchen countertop.

Elements that Make Up the Color In Granite: It is important to realize that granite is comprised of several elements that give it the illustrious color: quartz, feldspar and Mica. The color of granite depends on the kind and coloring of feldspars which are usually grey (from light – to dark grey) with different tints, pink, orange, red, blue-grey, sometimes blue-green.

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Kitchen Design: Task Lighting for All Spaces

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Did you know that proper lighting can make or break the look and feel of a space? Task lighting doesn’t simply refer to a desk or work surface. Kitchens, craft areas, closets and other areas benefit from the proper task lighting. It is wonderful how the lighting industry continues to innovate, offering low watt lights that save on energy and reduce heat.

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Choosing the perfect gray for your decor


4 grays


If you are like most homeowners, you read the memo that gray is the hottest color to use in your home decor.  That is, if you want your home to look modern and unmistakeably contemporary. Now that the easy part is over, the real challenge comes into play, how to select that perfect gray for your home. If I could bottle up this secret, I tell you, I would make a fortune.

The key to finding that perfect gray that works for you, is by visually looking at what you want in the space where you are putting the color. Are you looking for a cool color?  Are you looking for a warm color? Will this color be used as an accent color or will this gray color be used on all of the walls? Believe it or not, this makes a big difference. Do you want a gray with a beige undertone, blue undertone, green undertone, purple undertone?  All of these decisions will need to be made before you settle on your perfect gray color. [Read more...]

Essentials for Designing a Functional and Chic Built-in Wardrobe Closet

Custom-Closet with Island
Do you have this spare space in your house that’s just begging to be utilized?

Transform it into a custom designed, functional and stylish built-in wardrobe closet! Get your planning and styling off to a good start by keeping the following essentials in mind.


Consider your needs

• Prior to finalizing the design you have in mind, you need to take into account two very vital elements: your storage needs and the pieces you will be storing. Other considerations should include the ‘long hang’ versus the ‘short hang’ ratio.

• If you want to incorporate designated spaces for your bags, footwear, suitcases and sports gear in your design, it is advisable to have it noted down so you can factor it in your final layout.

Make room for ventilation

• If you will be utilizing a converted space, it is advisable to take advantage of natural ventilation. However, keep in mind that letting too much sunlight in can also be counterproductive as it can degrade fabric and fade colors.

• If there’s no window, at the very least, make it a point to ensure there is good air circulation. You can look into installing cooling vents to ensure odor and moisture are regulated. Setting up exhaust fans like the ones commonly used in bathrooms will also work wonders.

Prioritize proper lighting

• Closets making use of natural light is oftentimes rare. However, proper lighting is very important if you wouldn’t want choosing your outfit to turn into a guessing game of sorts.

• If making use of natural light is not feasible, recessed and surface-mounted lighting fixtures are handy options you can look into. Exposed light bulbs on the other hand are considered a no-no. Other lighting alternatives available at your disposal include incandescent, fluorescent and LED bulbs. [Read more...]

Palm Aire – Custom Wainscoting and Crown Molding Project

wainscot web

I am so delighted to share a new completed a very creative custom wainscot and crown molding project.  We used a more modern approach which is more of a shaker style wainscot, instead of the traditional version with the ridges. This creative project was for a condo located in Palm Aire – Pompano Beach Florida.

Look for a more in-depth blog post covering specific details of our “Modern – Shaker Style” Wainscot project in a future blog post.  I just had to share the pics with you now, because I love how this modern Wainscot project turned out so much. I had the opportunity to work with a couple of amazing clients and an amazing team on the execution of the project. They did such an amazing job on this custom “Shaker Style” Wainscoting project, that I literally gush, every time that I look at my pictures. I am over the moon with joy, when I am actually in the room, because it looks so amazing. I feel that I can gush over it, since it really was the collaborative work with my team and clients that were very open on ideas of creativity.

I have always been very candid with clients about how paint and the right crown molding and base molding can transform a room. It is even more amazing to see how magnificent a well executed wainscot project with the right colors, can enhance a room and make it look stunning.

In this particular Palm Aire custom wainscot and crown molding project, the high ceilings really helped pull the look off brilliantly.

The owners wanted to have something that was unique for their Florida home, so they worked with our team on concept ideas that included adding wainscot to the living room walls with a custom shelf so they could place cool decorative artwork. Our directive was to come up with wainscot that integrated rectangular boxes into the design to give the wainscot added pizazz. I have often seen concepts in magazines, so it was exciting to actually be involved with the creation of a custom wainscot wall design.

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Find Your Room’s Color Personality – use color to dramatically change a room

three dramatic color palette

photo credit Lowes

We have all heard that  a gallon of paint can change the look and feel of a room.  Did you know that it can change the room’s personality, also?  You must be wondering what personality are we talking about the homeowner or the room.  Since every room has it’s own unique style and feel, it also stands to reason that a room also has it’s very own personality.

I work with clients all the time in trying to choose a paint color for a room or entire home. It can be a daunting task.  The first question to answer is what message are you trying to convey with this room?

There are a host of Paint choices to choose from: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Martha Stewart, Behr, Valspar and a host of other well known brands.

Recently I came across an article on that brilliantly showcased three distinctly different looks for one room.  This was achieved by a room visualizer and some very creative people.  How do you decide what paint to use on your walls to really make them pop?  Take a look at the three distinctly designed rooms , that happen to be the same room. [Read more...]

What to Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floor

Photo credit: The Garrison Collection – Time Inspired

There are a lot of reasons to buy hardwood flooring: it’s easy to take care of, it looks nice, and it can increase the value in your home. Hardwood floors are better for people with allergies than carpet. So, if you are convinced that installing hardwood floors is right for you, here are some guidelines to help you choose the right kind.

Your Style

Think about your design style when choosing hardwood flooring. Are you contemporary or more traditional in your design? Some woods like maple lend themselves to a contemporary design while oak is seen as more traditional. Part of your style is dependent on your home. Look at how much lighting you have and the other hardwood in your home. Don’t forget the wall colors as well. Each of these is important when choosing a type and color of hardwood.

If you have a bright, airy room with a lot of natural light coming in, you can go with dark hardwood on the floor and it will balance the area and space out. The same concept holds true in the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets can make a nice contrast with rich dark floors, on another hand, a deep colored kitchen cabinet may look more attractive with a with a lighter hardwood floor. [Read more...]

Inspiring closet renovations – Before and After closet makeovers

photo credit: Architecture Digest - - Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design

photo credit: Architecture Digest – - Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design

Organizing a closet can be a blessing and a curse… The blessing is that it helps you get organized.  The curse is that you have to go decide what to keep and how to get it organized. This can be a daunting task, that is why it should be left to the those that re strong and the help of a professional closet designer and organizer.

If you have a budget and a real commitment to getting organized, you should hire a professional closet design firm. Here are several great before and after photos below showing you the wonders of this.

If you are a DIY – Don’t fret, you can still create a beautiful closet makeover with a lot of time and effort.  Take a look at one of the featured photos below by a homeowner. One word of caution, if you are a procrastinator and time is not on your side, just hire  a closet design professional that will work within your budget, you will be glad that you did in the end with the finished results.

Here are few tips you may want to consider before embarking on your closet makeover renovation project are:

  • Start with a plan
  • Draw a sketch of your closet
  • Take Inventory of ALL of your items
  • Make a list of what to keep
  • Make a list of what to get rid of
  • Start the project in sections – this will keep you from getting overwhelmed
  • Have a firm date on finishing the inventory process
  • Start looking at different shelving options for the closet materials
  • Create a reward system for your success on your closet organization

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Color and Interior Design Trends 2014

If you are in market to remodel or re-design your home, I am sure that you want to know what are the current interior design trends.

My favorite area to start with is color and the look and feel you are trying to create. Every season Pantone comes our with colors that are used to inspire designers.

In 2014 there is no exception. The featured color of the year is The Pantone Radiant Orchid 18-3224. The Radiant Orchid color is an regal color that has a warm and calming effect. It is an enchanting color that will bring warmth to any area.

pantone color of year radiant orchid

Pantone 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid

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How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Cozy but Not Crowded

Kitchen Table -
A small kitchen can definitely present a design challenge, but you can still manage to make your kitchen the hub of your home even if there is not a lot of square footage to work with. By carefully choosing your furniture and getting creating with storage, your kitchen will feel comfortable and not crowded. Here are some simple tips for assembling your small kitchen and dining area in such a way that it will feel larger than it actually is and be as functional as it is well designed.

High Dining Room Tables

A high dining room table leaves you more floor space for additional furniture, or just room to walk around in the space. Rather than getting a low sitting round table, consider a high-legged rectangular table that can be pushed up against one wall when it’s just family, or moved into the center of the room when you need to seat a few more guests. A table with a leaf is another good opportunity to conserve space with your table on a daily basis – you can add the leaves on holidays or other events, and remove them when it’s just a family dinner. Vendors like offer a variety of high tables.

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