Kitchen Planning 101: Framed vs. Frameless Cabinets

Kemper Kitchen Cabinets

Kemper Kitchen Cabinets

Planning your kitchen remodel is an exciting experience. However, it is filled with lots of decisions and choices. You can make the process go much smoother if you plan and learn the basics before you start. Determining the style you are going for is essential in the kitchen planning process. Are you going for a modern, transitional, or traditional look in the kitchen? The cabinetry that you choose will have a huge impact in successfully executing the design concept that you want to achieve.

Since kitchens today are becoming the hub of the home and a space for entertaining, it is important to choose the right kitchen cabinetry.  The style, the color, the door design and the construction all help to achieve the look you want. There are so many options from slab door fronts or glossy cabinets for a modern kitchen; there is the shaker or mission door style that works perfect in the transitional kitchen and then there are the raised panel, cathedral style doors that are quintessential traditional kitchen and we can’t forget the beaded panel door for the cottage style kitchen. The kitchen door style essentially sets the overall look for your kitchen. [Read more…]

Sunrise Florida Kitchen Remodel Project – Design Ideas for Your Home

Sunrise Kitchen Remodel

Sunrise Kitchen Remodel

I enjoy sharing ideas for Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas.  I love when I get the opportunity to share a Homeowner’s Kitchen Remodel by Donco Designs. This Sunrise Kitchen Remodel was a lot of fun and extremely enjoyable project to work on. The homeowner really did her homework and added features that made her Sunrise Kitchen unique and vastly improved the space in the kitchen.

We wanted to use a southwest theme but a modern approach to this theme. We used shaker cabinets in a nice classic red brown color. We used accent features of bronze instead of traditional stainless steel or chrome. [Read more…]

Choosing Recessed Lighting for Your Kitchen Remodel

Pompano Beach Recessed Lighting and Soffit

Pompano Beach Recessed Lighting and Soffit

If you are in the process of planning your kitchen remodel and are wondering what your options are, you are on the right path to having a great remodel project. Main reason being is that proper lighting can make a room feel warm and inviting. Since a kitchen is commonly known to be the heart of the home, it is critical that you put the right type and quantity of lights in this area of your home.

There are several choices for lighting your kitchen ceiling, but if you are looking for the one that will be timeless and help your home look current, you should consider recessed lighting for your kitchen lighting.

One of the best reasons why homeowners like recessed lighting is that it helps a room appear larger, since the lights are actually recessed into the ceiling. This gives the kitchen area a feeling of more space and helps you focus on other features of your kitchen such as cabinets and appliances. This can make the room more warm and inviting, if you choose the right type of lights.

Soffit vs. Flat Ceiling

In South Florida, you will find that not all kitchen ceilings are created equal. There are a lot of ceilings that have what is known as a cove ceiling that has outdated fluorescent lights all around and a ceiling fan in the center of the ceiling. The next popular type of ceiling is the one with the plastic panels, and is known as a dropped ceiling. Another common type of ceiling is your basic flat ceiling, with a light fixture in the center. A flat ceiling can be concrete, as in most South Florida condos or it can be a drywall flat ceiling.

The cove ceiling with plastic panels was created to provide height in the kitchen area and still allow you to hide all of the old wires and to hide an unfinished ceiling in the center. It was very common at one time for South Florida Builders not to finish a ceiling and to hide wires in this area. Since everything was covered by this area, there was no big reason to finish the area off. The builder and the electrical contractor would typically install fluorescent lighting behind plastic panels and sometimes would put a ceiling fan in the center as a final accent to the kitchen ceiling.

Pompano Beach Kitchen Ceiling Soffit

Pompano Beach
Kitchen Ceiling Soffit

Using a Soffit in the new recessed lights

If you decide to have a soffit ceiling in the kitchen area for your recessed lighting, there is a multiple  step process. First you need to remove the old kitchen ceiling.  Next step is for the electrical contractor to  install the essential wiring in the soffit area, so that the soffit area can receive recessed lights.  After this is inspected, you will need to  complete the framing and have the framing and rough electric inspected. Next comes the installation of the drywall and inspection for the drywall screws. After all the rough inspections are passed by local inspectors, the drywall cab be finished with mud, sand, prime and paint.

Using a Flat Ceiling for your new recessed lights

Kitchen recessed lighting - flat ceiling

Kitchen recessed lighting – flat ceiling & pendant lighting

If you want to have your recessed lights in a flat ceiling, then you must create an area that can accept a recessed light housing. Sometimes you may be limited  by the space in the area  and may be required to use what is known as a shallow recessed can for the recessed lights.

The first step is to remove all of the plastic panels and the old existing electric wiring. Next you will have your electrical contractor install the necessary electrical wiring that will be required for the new recessed cans. It is wise to only have a licensed electrical contractor to perform this work, since it is involving electricity. Also, you will want to make sure that the electrical contractor confirms that the electric panel has enough circuits for this new electric wiring and that everything is corrected properly.

In South Florida, after the electric is done by your licensed electrical contractor, you will have this inspected by your local municipal electrical inspector. Once this works passes inspection, next comes the framing inspection. After the framing inspection passes, the drywall can be installed in the kitchen ceiling.  Once the drywall screws have passed inspection by the local structural inspector, you can then have the drywall properly finished with the mud, sanding, prime and paint. Your flat kitchen ceiling will be ready for your new recessed recessed lighting in your kitchen area.

Lighting: Ambient vs. Task vs. Decorative vs. Accent Lighting

It is important to understand the  4 commonly used types of lighting when planning your kitchen remodel project.

The more common type of lighting in the home is ambient or general lighting. This is what most of your recessed lights are used for in the kitchen remodel.  This illuminates the general area of the kitchen.

Your next commonly used type of lighting is known as task lighting. Task lighting is exactly as it sounds, it is a directional light used during a specific task. We commonly use this in undercabinet lights in the kitchen. This is great for prep tasks and to create a great mood in the kitchen.


Types of Light bulbs for your recessed lights

When you decide on using recessed lights for your kitchen remodel, you have lots of options for light bulbs.  If you want the most energy efficient type of light bulb for your kitchen remodel, you will want to use LED Bulbs.

When choosing the type of light bulb for your recessed lights, you need to consider the following options when making your decision.

  • decide on the shape of the bulb
  • determine the brightness and energy efficiency
  • select the color temperature
  • make sure that the light bulb base matches the fixture

The next thing that you have to decide on is what type of light bulb you plan on using. A few options to consider are:

  • LED Bulbs
  • Halogen Par Bulbs
  • Standard A or Bulbs
  • Low Voltage – MR16 Halogen Bulbs

When you are searching for your recessed lighting bulbs be sure to take note of the label.  There is valuable information on the label for you to have in your kitchen remodel project. Take a look at a lighting label below for an LED light bulb. It provides a lot of valuable information on energy, watts and light output.

lighting facts label

photo credit: Anatomy of the Label –


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What is your Design Style for Kitchen Countertops?

Nature meets couture

Caesarstone is introducing seven new colors for Spring/Summer 2015. These new additions to the Caeasarstone Classico Collection elevate your personal style with surfaces inspired by nature and industrial design, giving your project the ultimate in form and function.

Modern classic

The colors in Caesarstone’s exquisite Supernatural Series combine the beauty and complexity of natural stone with the superior quality and durability of Caesarstone for classic style and lasting strength. With incredible depth and astonishing clarity, these new colors were designed to be modern classics.

Industrial revolution

Taking the raw trend of industrial design to new levels of practicality, the Caesarstone innovative Concrete Series gives you the coarse look of concrete with the durability of quartz for even greater design possibilities.​

What’s Your Caesarstone Design Style?

Whether your design aesthetic leans toward the classic or the contemporary, Caesarstone’s new colors will give you more freedom to create the look you want.
Caesarstone has created a simple, quick and easy Caesarstone Design Style quiz to find out which new addition to Caesarstone Classico Collection is the perfect match for your personal style.
If you are into Elegant and Classic check out the following color:

5130 – Cosmopolitan White

photo credit: Caesarstone - Cosmopolitan white

photo credit:
Caesarstone – Cosmopolitan White


How to determine if a Quartz countertop will work in your Kitchen

When you are considering a quartz material for your kitchen remodel, there are lots of options to choose from. However, if you are looking for durability, beauty and the best bang for your dollars, you have to take a long hard look at quartz material for your countertop. Although, Quartz is not a new material, it is however, front and center in the modern kitchen countertop design and other countertop surfaces in the home such as a bar top, kitchen island and bathroom vanities.

Let’s take a look at some of the compelling reasons that make a quartz countertop the material of choice for unique, quality and design inspired countertops in a home. [Read more…]

Modern Farmhouse or Apron Front Sink for Your Kitchen

Have you ever wondered if a Farmhouse sink or Apron sink is right for your Kitchen?  One of the primary reasons for the uncertainty is that they typically were of a certain type of construction and looked only good in a Country style Kitchen.  Unfortunately, this country theme is not for everyone, but some people still wanted the Apron Front type of sink.  If you are one of those people, your prayers have been answered. You can have a transitional kitchen and have a stylish looking Apron Front sink, made of cool looking fun material.

Take a look at a few stunning Apron Sinks that will totally blow you away with the stylish looks and features. They are surprisingly affordable and not too pricey.  I am sure they will fit in just about any kitchen remodel budget. Enjoy fawning all over these exquisite farmhouse sinks!

Vigo Farmhouse sink

Photo credit: Vigo Farmhouse sink


Vigo Farmhouse Sink – 30×22.25

The manufacturer Vigo delivers top quality and unique design in this 30” stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink. You can find this sink on Amazon for $429.00

Features of this ultra modern looking Farmhouse sink made from stainless steel:

  • Elegant and functional drain grooves included
  • Fully undercoated and padded with a unique multi-layer, sound-eliminating technology, which also prevents condensation
  • Exterior Sink: 30″ L x 22.25″ W
  • Basin: 9.875″ D x 18″ W x 28″ L
  • Overall Sink Depth – Top to Bottom: 9.875″
  • Overall Product Weight: 50lbs






You just have to love this modern twist on the Pinnacle Farmhouse sink from Native Trails. It is divine with the hammered front look to the design. You can find this sink for about $2,350.00 online at Faucet Direct.

  • Single basin design provides maximum workspace
  • Covered under Native Trails’ limited lifetime warranty
  • Constructed of copper
  • Undermount installation
  • Center drain location provides optimal drainage capability
  • All hardware needed for installation included

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 10-1/2″ (measured from the bottom of sink to the top of the rim)
  • Overall Width: 22″ (measured from the back outer rim to the front outer rim)
  • Overall Length: 33″ (measured from the left outer rim to the right outer rim)
  • Basin Width: 17″ (measured from the back inner rim to the front inner rim)
  • Basin Length: 28″ (measured from the left inner rim to the right inner rim)
  • Basin Depth: 10″ (measured from the center of basin to the rim)
  • Installation Type: Undermount
  • Weight 50 lbs




Native Trails really pulls out all of the stops on  this new slant on the Apron front kitchen sink with the Zuma kitchen sink. This contemporary sink has a front design that is angled. It is reminiscient of the commercial kitchen with the extra large wide open basin.  This remarkable noteworthy sink is definitely transitional, being that it will fit in modern or traditional styled kitchens.  The Zuma  apron front sink is exquisitely made from recycled copper. This sink can retail for about: $2,350.00 on

APRON Weights & Dimensions

  • Height – Top to Bottom: 10.5″
  • Length – Side to Side: 33″

Additional Weights & Dimensions

  • Exterior Sink: 33″ L x 22″ W
  • Basin: 10″ D x 17″ W x 28″ L
  • Overall Sink Depth – Top to Bottom: 10.5″
  • Overall Product Weight: 49lbs





This delightfully sleek farmhouse sink by Kraus will add an elegant touch to your kitchen. The Kraus stainless steel sink is made from 16 gauge T-304 stainless steel for maximum durability, the farmhouse sink creates a contemporary look for the kitchen. Extra-deep basins accommodate large dishes with ease. The clean lines and apron front design complement any décor, from traditional to transitional to modern. All Kraus kitchen sinks are equipped with top-level soundproofing and protective Stone Guard coating, which reduces condensation and further dampens sound. The corrosion-resistant surface is further protected from rust and oxidation by a meticulous finishing process. Commercial-grade satin finish and gently rounded corners make maintenance as simple as wiping the surface with a damp cloth. You can find this sink online for about $479.00 on

Product Details:

  • Installation Type: Farmhouse/Apron
  • Material: Stainless steel; Brass
  • Product Warranty: Limited lifetime


  • Exterior Sink: 35.9″ L x 20.75″ W
  • Basin: 10″ D
  • Overall Sink Depth – Top to Bottom: 10″
  • Overall Product Weight: 55.3lbs

Click on the following to read more:

A Farmhouse Sink by any other name – Native Trails Blog

How to Choose the right kitchen sink or faucet  – Donco Designs

Choosing Marble Countertops for Your Kitchen

Black marble kitchen countertop

Black marble kitchen countertop

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, you will need to consider what type of material you will be using for your kitchen countertop. If you have not made up your mind as to the material, just yet, marble is something that you should look at. The texture and the feel of marble is by far one of the greatest experiences when shopping for your kitchen countertop material. If you ar doing a small kitchen remodel, you may get away with a remnant piece of marble. If you have a large kitchen, you will need to look at full slabs that will accommodate your kitchen countertop requirements.

When a kitchen countertop is made from marble, it has that element of sophistication and beauty to the room. Besides the elegance and the beauty of a marble kitchen countertop, a marble countertop is heat resistant and can handle hot items real well. [Read more…]

Hot New Kitchen Products

Photo credit: Siematic

Photo credit: Siematic

If you are in the market to update your kitchen with a state of the art world class kitchen?

Don’t settle for boring in your kitchen remodel.  You want to make your kitchen look worth every penny of your hard earned dollars… Take a look at the the following hot new products that are simply sensational additions that will make your kitchen remodel be the rage and envy of all of your neighbors and friends… [Read more…]

Dream Kitchen Design Ideas from Celebrity Kitchens to make your kitchen more fun

Celebrity Kitchens Ideas to make your kitchen more comfortable and Enjoyable

If you love to cook and entertain then you will enjoy feasting your eyes on some magnificent kitchen that are kitchen lover’s dream.

Every issue of Architectural Digest features pages of inspiring designs from the homes of the rich and famous.  This month’s issue is no exception.  Featured Writer, Leslie Anne Wiggins, highlights several kitchens in the slideshow article, Perfect Kitchens for Holiday Cooking and Gathering.

One after another they are just breathtaking. Unfortunately the average homeowner, does not have the unlimited funds of most of the kitchens featured in the slideshow, however, there are so many elements that can be used even in a modest kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation project.

Take for instance the High Gloss Kitchen cabinets in the following photo from Architectural Digest. This kitchen was decorated by Francis Sultana features an updated kitchen in a 19th Century London triplex.  You can steal the look by using Acrylic High Gloss Cabinets with a monochromatic color. Add a wood floor or faux wood floor using Porcelain wood planks that resemble the real thing.  You can Add track lighting relatively cost effectively. For the countertops you can use a nice quartz with a color shade close to the cabinets to give you that monochromatic look and feel. Top it off with a sleek stylish kitchen faucet and a stove top instead of a standard range with oven at the bottom.

Photo credit Architectural Digest

Photo credit Architectural Digest – Designer :  Francis Sultana

In the following kitchen, home of John Legend and Christy Turlington, Designer Don Stewart of Desiderata Design used beautiful teak wood cabinetry and stools by Emmerson Troop in this elegant yet simple 1960’s home to create more space in the kitchen/dining area. [Read more…]

Moen Hits a Home Run with New Kitchen Faucets

Have you seen the new Moen kitchen faucets?  If not, you are in for a real treat…

Four new Moen kitchen faucets really come to the forefront of great design, style and functionality. Don’t take my word, have a look at these faucets for yourself and you will fall in love with these sleek new designs.

We all know that a kitchen faucet is a necessary standout feature in any good kitchen redesign or kitchen remodel.  However, style has to also be met with functionality of the end user in the kitchen.

Here are four Moen kitchen faucets that exemplify kitchen trends worth mentioning for that dream kitchen we are all looking to create.

photo credit: Moen STO kitchen faucet

photo credit: Moen STO kitchen faucet

STO – Kitchen Faucet

Let’s start with the Moen Sto – kitchen faucet. The STO faucet is sleek, sexy and streamlined.  It is a perfect complement for the contemporary kitchen. This modern faucet comes in chrome, Spot Resist Stainless, and the new stand out color  “Matte Black”. The STO faucet has a hybrid design that is somewhat square and cylindrical, which are must have features in a contemporary and modern kitchen design.

[Read more…]