Vintage Kitchen Ideas for Inspiration

Vintage Kitchen 1 - stainless hood

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens

When I think of a vintage kitchen I think of something that is very old, yet something that is worthy of preserving. In kitchen design, the term vintage kitchens can mean a lot of things.

First lets look at the definition of vintage from the dictionary.  Merriam Webster, states that vintage relates primarily to wine and is an altered form of the French word vendage, meaning “the grapes picked during a season.” It also has a second definition for vintage which states: a period in which something was made or was begun. (Interesting new tidbit). [Read more...]

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Cozy but Not Crowded

Kitchen Table -
A small kitchen can definitely present a design challenge, but you can still manage to make your kitchen the hub of your home even if there is not a lot of square footage to work with. By carefully choosing your furniture and getting creating with storage, your kitchen will feel comfortable and not crowded. Here are some simple tips for assembling your small kitchen and dining area in such a way that it will feel larger than it actually is and be as functional as it is well designed.

High Dining Room Tables

A high dining room table leaves you more floor space for additional furniture, or just room to walk around in the space. Rather than getting a low sitting round table, consider a high-legged rectangular table that can be pushed up against one wall when it’s just family, or moved into the center of the room when you need to seat a few more guests. A table with a leaf is another good opportunity to conserve space with your table on a daily basis – you can add the leaves on holidays or other events, and remove them when it’s just a family dinner. Vendors like offer a variety of high tables.

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Kitchen Countertops 101: How to Choose a Countertop for Your Kitchen

Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodel
Selecting a kitchen countertop is one of my favorite parts of a kitchen remodel project.  The kitchen countertop helps to set the look and overall feel of the kitchen area.  In a Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodel, you will find that you have such an overwhelming amount of choices to select from.  Don’t let this frighten you off from making the best decision for your kitchen area.

I enjoyed reading the Post on Remodelista – Remodeling 101: Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Kitchen Countertops. The author, Christine Chang Hanway, did a fabulous job in coming up with five critical questions.

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Pompano Beach: Palm Aire Kitchen Remodel – The Oaks Course


Palm Aire Kitchen Remodel
It is always fun to start a new kitchen remodel project.  Recently we started a Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodel in the beautiful Golf Course-Country Club Community of Palm Aire.  This particular kitchen remodel is located  on the Oaks Golf Course.  This corner unit has magnificent views of the fairway, our clients, have fun watching sunsets overlooking the golf course on their patio. I love working in South Florida…

In this kitchen remodel, we are tiling the floor,  installing new base molding and opening the wall from the kitchen through the living area to create a pass-thru opening, creating a custom soffit with recessed lights, installing new electric panel box, installing granite countertop and installing new kitchen cabinets.  This new pass thru opening will have  a granite counter top made from the exotic Kashmir White from India and seating area on the dining room side, so that the homeowner can have seated guests at the counter, while cooking in the new gourmet kitchen.  This open concept is really a must have in South Florida, especially if you live in a condo in Pompano Beach in the Palm Aire Community.

I am especially excited about this Palm Aire kitchen Remodel, because this is the first real update for this unit after the homeowner purchased it about a year ago.  It is not uncommon for a snowbird/seasonal resident to purchase a home in Pompano Beach and wait to remodel.  I have found that a kitchen remodel, is right up there after painting and flooring, especially for the seasonal homeowner.  Making their Florida home, a tropical get-away is really top on the list, something to look forward to when getting away from up north, from places like Canada, New York and New Jersey.

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Make Your Home Remodel Ideas a Reality with Kohler

kohler _ Bold makes your dreams a reality

I am always impressed with Kohler creative and how they are able to just capture the essence of why their products are great for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. They just launched a new commercial series on how Kohler products work for a kitchen and a bathroom without selling. I love, love it…. Check out the new commercial How Bold Makes your Dreams a Reality….

Luxury Cooking: Electrolux $100K – Kitchen Range

Luxury Cooking: Electrolux Grand Cuisine $100,000 Kitchen Range

If you really enjoy cooking and want the ultimate Kitchen Range, you can check out the new Electrolux Kitchen Range for $100,000. Yes, you read it correctly, that is $100,000.  This luxury item is not for the faint at heart, it is for the person that wants that ultimate cooking experience.

According to the Electrolux Chief Executive Officer Keith McLoughlin,

“This brings a halo effect from a brand standpoint to Electrolux. We’re talking very high net worth people with two or three homes. It’s clearly intended to build and reinforce the brand.”

This luxury kitchen range is obviously for the ultra rich that really just wants to be different. If you have the funds and want to be cutting edge, I say go for it. This Electrolux kitchen range will definitely take your kitchen remodel to another level.

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Are Stainless Steel Appliances out of Style?

GE Slate Dishwasher photo credit: GE Slate Dishwasher


As a personal choice, I love Stainless Steel appliances.  I think they add such a nice look to a kitchen design.  I was a little surprised when I came across the following article from the Wall Street Journal "Is this the end of a 25-year run for stainless steel?" It immediately grabbed my attention… Great headline… Is this the end of a 25-year run for stainless steel?

According to the article by , several appliance manufacturers are heading in a different direction from the shiny stainless steel look that has been hot for 25 years. Despite this trend, no one look, has taken the reins, just yet.

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Kitchen Cabinets: SieMatic BeauxArts.02

Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodel - SieMatic BeauxArts.02
The SieMatic BeauxArts.02 lets you combine a range of seemingly opposites to create one happy Kitchen Design that works seemlessly together. Feature rich options such as the matte stainless steel fronts with faceted metal borders, glossy finish on the   doors – takes accents to "another level".

The stylish and updated BeauxArts.02 from SieMatic offers new elements, materials, colors, surfaces, and proportions for the kitchen. The BeauxArts 0.2 was designed by the mutli-talented talented Kitchen Designer Mick De Giulio. He is also an author of the well known book: Kitchen Centric, which is a hardcover 258 page book of brilliant kitchen designs. The book has everything you need to know for designing a dream kitchen, regardless of space. If you are into kitchen design or considering a new kitchen remodel, I suggest you grab a copy of Kitchen Centric.  Kitchen Design enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this book.

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Stunning Kitchen Countertops & Cabinetry layouts

The look and feel of your kitchen will be determined by the materials you choose to incorporate. In a recent Elle Decor article, successful kitchens combine elegance with efficiency, the writer shares photos that inspire and combine different countertops and cabinetry materials for a look that brings out your inner "Rachel Ray" and includes great design and function.


Black granite countertops with wood cabinetry for a warm polished look.

Black Granite Countertop                                                                                                                                Photographer: William Waldron


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Kitchen Layouts and Kitchen Planning

Common Kitchen Layouts

Finding the right kitchen layout that best completes your dream kitchen design is the first step in your kitchen remodel process.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that items like your kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, kitchen floor or appliance preferences all come after the kitchen layout and kitchen floor plan.

When looking at a kitchen remodel, you must first decide whether you are keeping the existing kitchen floorplan. This will help shape what direction the kitchen designer takes in the new kitchen design. The most common kitchen layouts include the following:

  • L-shaped Kitchen Layout
  • Galley Kitchen Layout
  • U-shaped Kitchen Layout
  • G-shaped Kitchen or Peninsula Kitchen Layout
  • One-wall Kitchen Layout
  • Island Kitchen Layout - (U-shaped Kitchen or L-shaped Kitchen with Island)

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