Pro Tips on Buying Kitchen Appliances

samsung refrigerator - kitchen appliances

Your kitchen appliance purchase will be major investment, both in out of pocket expense and with your time. Buying kitchen appliances can be a challenging task because you have s many options to consider, from energy saving, to designer models, to low cost models. This can sometimes be overwhelming.

It is important to realize that in a kitchen remodel, the selection of kitchen appliances is a very critical step in making your new kitchen look and feel fabulous. It is not just purchasing the latest and greatest new product, but rather, knowing what will work best for you and your family in your space.

Here are few professional tips to help guide your through the kitchen appliance buying process. If you are prepared before you start the process, you will be more confident with your kitchen appliance buying decisions.

  • Research and read reviews on products before you go shopping. You want to look at their likes and dislikes of the products.
  • Make a list of your priority features in products.  Are you looking for “energy efficient or “lifetime warranty”, it is important to bring this list when you go shopping so that you can compare which retailer is offering the best price with most of your appliance feature requirements.

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Kitchen Countertop Styles and Trends

granite-island-and-marble-countertop-kitchenA kitchen countertop can establish the overall look of your kitchen remodel and design, so it is important to choose one that will best work with both your stylistic taste and the level of activity within your space.

Granite, Quartz, Marble and Recycled Glass are all top choices for a kitchen countertop that is meant to stand out and get attention. There is no need to settle for a boring countertop, if you can have one that is beautiful and can last for years to come with proper maintenance.

If you want to get creative with your kitchen countertop, you have options such as stainless steel, concrete, and butcher block, however,  one thing to keep in mind is the upkeep and maintenance.

When deciding on your countertop, first consider what will be your theme you are looking for in your kitchen.  Is it traditional, contemporary, modern, or transitional.

Next consider the colors you have to work with and want to bring out in the kitchen countertop. Are you looking for beige, white, black, gray, green, blue, etc… All of these colors can be accomplished with the right kitchen countertop selection.

Kitchen-Island-Contemporary-KitchenOne thing important to note is that your overall look depends upon you and your taste preferences.  There are several new kitchen countertop trends every year, but you have to make the decision what is ultimately important to you in your kitchen.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are almost maintenance free. Isn’t that wonderful? The engineered quartz countertops can resist stain, acid, scratches, and are heat and impact resistant. Since the surface of the quartz countertops are not porous surface, there is no need to seal them like natural stone countertops.


Granite Countertops

If you are looking for the all time favorite kitchen countertop, look no further than a granite kitchen countertop. The granite countertop remains one of the top choices for most homeowners, since they provide that high end look for a kitchen remodel and also are great surfaces for prepping food. Since granite  is a natural stone, there is a variation in the stone’s pattern, which adds to the appeal for most homeowners and granite lovers.


Green Granite_Kitchen-island-range

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are considered as a luxury look and finish in the stone family. Two of the most popular marble choices are the gray-toned Carrara or Calacatta marble. This stone provides a nice high end look for a kitchen, but requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance.

 Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel kitchen countertops provide a more industrial look and feel to a kitchen.  The stainless steel surface coordinates with any color and is super easy kitchen countertop to keep clean.



Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are super sleek and sexy for a kitchen countertop. Since glass is versatile and can be cut into various shapes and sizes, with varying textures the options are limitless. One thing to keep in mind, is that a glass kitchen countertop is more expensive than other kitchen countertop options, however, the modern look is streamlined and also easy to maintain.

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How to Create Your Gourmet Kitchen: Bring out your Inner Chef

Gourmet Kitchen Designs

When you think of a gourmet kitchen, you visualize one that has the style and layout a professional chef would use. This would include state of the art “professional” grade appliances and easy to clean exteriors that would resemble a kitchen in a restaurant.

If you are like most “foodies”, you enjoy watching famous cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen or cooking shows on HGTV or the Food Network like “Chopped”,”The Barefoot Contessa”, “Iron Chef America”, “Everyday Italian”, or “30-Minute Minute Meals”.  Maybe you are a fan of one of the famous TV Chefs such as Chef’s like, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Gordon Ramsey, Ina Garten, Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, Rachel Ray or Nigella Lawson. It is not uncommon for someone to want a kitchen that has the flair of a TV Chef’s kitchen.

When planning a gourmet kitchen remodel one should look at the overall space first and map out where the best angles are for “zones”, such as:

  • Preparation Zone – How food will be prepared
  • Cooking Zone – Where meals will be cooked
  • Clean Up Zone – How clean up will be accomplished
  • Serving Zone – How food will be served

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Before and After – Pompano Beach Condo Remodel

Pompano Beach - Kitchen


Check out this new before and after Pompano Beach Condo Remodel video from Donco Designs….

Fun and entertaining background music…

I hope you enjoy the video.

Palm Aire – Granite Install using a Crane

Pompano Granite Install - Crane 8

On a daily basis we have the wonderful opportunity to create beautiful before and after renovation projects for our customers. There are times when we have to create an out of the box solution for a Pompano Beach remodel project. Check out this video of a granite install that we had in Palm Aire – Pompano Beach, Florida that involved the use of a crane to bring the granite countertop upstairs to the condo.

Thanks to the wonderful guys at Ability Cranes we managed to get this done without a hitch. Our super talented granite fabricators at Alpha Marble and Granite were up to the task and delivered another fantastic granite countertop that was perfectly installed and fabricated.

I can’t thank the clients enough for allowing us to really work outside the box on this Palm Aire project to deliver a granite countertop with no seam in the peninsula. I loved this project and smile every time I look at pics from of the custom Pompano Beach granite countertop. [Read more…]

How to select a Kitchen Faucet

photo credit: Danze Antioch Pullout

photo credit: Danze Antioch Pullout

Selecting a kitchen faucet can be a fun experience if you know all of the essentials to consider for your kitchen.

Kitchen Faucet Location

One of the first things to consider is the faucet location.  Does the plumbing need to be moved to accommodate the new kitchen faucet location.  Sometimes it just makes sense to move the faucet over 3 or four inches, if this is the case the plumbing pipes will need to be moved to make this go smoothly. There are never any worries, if you are using a licensed and experienced plumber to handle all things plumbing in your kitchen remodel. [Read more…]

Vintage Kitchen Ideas for Inspiration

Vintage Kitchen 1 - stainless hood

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens

When I think of a vintage kitchen I think of something that is very old, yet something that is worthy of preserving. In kitchen design, the term vintage kitchens can mean a lot of things.

First lets look at the definition of vintage from the dictionary.  Merriam Webster, states that vintage relates primarily to wine and is an altered form of the French word vendage, meaning “the grapes picked during a season.” It also has a second definition for vintage which states: a period in which something was made or was begun. (Interesting new tidbit). [Read more…]

Key points why Recessed Lighting will work in your remodel project

photo credit: recessed lighting trim/ Bob Vila/ Yahoo

photo credit: recessed lighting trim/ Bob Vila/ Yahoo

When you look at a freshly remodeled home, you will most likely see some form of recessed lighting in either the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, living room or family room.  You may ask why such love for the recessed lighting fixture?  The simple answer is that it just really works well in most places. On a personal level, I enjoy the clean and streamlined look of the recessed light and how well the recessed light functions when you put in a room.

I came across a great article by Joe Provey  – 5 Reasons Why Recessed Lighting Is Still Cool 

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10 Super Easy Ideas to Steal for Your Kitchen Makeover

Bring Acent Color - Kitchen Remodel

Photo Credit – Lisa Romerein –

If you are interested in a kitchen redesign, you are always on the lookout for fun easy, and affordable ways to update and remodel your kitchen. As a Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodel Contractor, we are always asked by customers, how much will it cost to remodel a kitchen.  My standard answer is that it really depends upon a lot of variables.  The next question is “How can I remodel my kitchen on a budget? My answer is very easy, if you follow the plan that has worked with so many for years.

How to Start Your Kitchen Remodel Planning Process

You start the kitchen remodel process by planning and research. The first step is to make a list for the kitchen remodel. Next you come up with a budget that you are comfortable with. Next you start looking online on sites like Next you make a book with your tastes and preferences, online or print.  Personally, I recommend a binder, because you can take with you, as you go shopping and take notes along the way. After you have gone shopping and started looking at things in person, you may want to go back an adjust your budget, now that you have gotten a feel of your tastes and actual prices.

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How do kitchens earn the right to be part of your home?

Kitchen Construction

Photo credit: Nobby Kitchens

Have you ever wondered why kitchens these days get as much attention as any other part of a household—in some cases more than the living room? In fact, whether or not a kitchen should continue to exist in your house will greatly depend on the next few paragraphs.

Although there are some people who simply consider the kitchen to be a venue for everything related to food preparation, reality is that the real essence of a kitchen goes beyond this mere belief. In fact, kitchens have played a vital role not only in ensuring that every member of the household is well-nourished but also up to certain neglected yet highly influential events in the evolution of man’s entire way of living.

Mealtime is considered by most families as the best time of the day. It is not only a time to satisfy your physiologic needs for nutrition but also the perfect opportunity to satisfy and intensify and satisfy each of the 7 levels of man’s hierarchy of needs. However, most of us tend to overlook the value of food preparation as well as its value in the entire network of activities and processes within the household, the lives of those residing in it, and how each of them will turn out to be the moment they leave the dining table.

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