Stunning Kitchen Countertops & Cabinetry layouts

The look and feel of your kitchen will be determined by the materials you choose to incorporate. In a recent Elle Decor article, successful kitchens combine elegance with efficiency, the writer shares photos that inspire and combine different countertops and cabinetry materials for a look that brings out your inner "Rachel Ray" and includes great design and function.


Black granite countertops with wood cabinetry for a warm polished look.

Black Granite Countertop                                                                                                                                Photographer: William Waldron


White marble countertops with stainless steel cabinetry for a clean and modern industrial look

                                                                        Photographer: Andrea Ferrari

Brown granite countertops with sleek brown cabinetry for a cool sleek amd modern kitchen

                                                                                          Photographer: Jason Predock
                                                       Featured in: Announcing The Met Home of the Year


Pompano Beach and Coconut Creek homeowners can create beautifu litchens with high quality surfaces including granite, marble, Caesarstone and other natural stone and engineered surfaces.