Five steps for a bathroom remodel

Bathroom RemodelA bathroom remodel can be fun or it can be a nightmare. You can have that unwelcome guest “mold” hanging around beneath the surface or other unsightly issues. This post is meant to provide a few tips on how to have a successful bathroom remodel.

Step one: Set a budget for the bathroom remodel.  Make one for your dream bathroom and one for your basic bathroom.

Step two: Meet with your licensed and experienced Bathroom Contractor/ Designer to have them assess the bathroom and give you a design recommendation. They will provide you with the square footage of the area and any issues you may have when remodeling the bathroom.

Step three: Select materials for your bathroom remodel. Choose tile sizes and color options for the bathroom décor.

Step four: Select your licensed and experienced bathroom remodel contractor.  This will save you lots of headaches in the future, since a licensed contractor can install tile, toilets, vanities, tubs, showers, light fixtures, etc. They can check for mold during the remodel process . Be wise and leave the remodel to the pros.

Step five: Coordinate any existing items such as vanity or sink with new items such as tub, bath, tile, mirror, granite counter top. If you are installing new tile, be sure to order extra.  It is always good to have some on hand if they are needed in the future.  

The five simple steps to a successful bathroom remodel can make your life easier! Enjoy your new and beautiful bathroom design. 



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