Bring Life to a Small Bathroom Design

Raven Inside Interior Design contemporary bathroom

Since most homes do not have bathrooms that can fit jacuzzi tubs for 10, creativity is needed when working on updating the bathroom remodel.

A small bathroom, does not have to be boring with the essentials, sink, vanity, toilet, tub or shower and plain vanilla walls.  A bathroom remodel project can become qute interesting with the right accessories, such as a spa shower, bathroom lighting, double sinks and faucets and an overall custom look that matches your theme,

Here are some tips on making your bathroom remodel interesting:

1. Create color contrast with walls and the bathroom furnishings and fixtures.

2. Consider a toilet upgrade. Old toilets take up more space and are less efficient than newer models. 

3. Maximize transparency with a glass shower doors and glass sink, since it will act as a window.

Cary Bernstein Architect Pacific Street Residence modern bathroom

4. Consider using dramatic tile in the bathroom to give a more contemporary look and feel.

5. Maximize the space above the toilet for open or closed storage that is easy to access.

6. Play with scale of tiles to make the bathroom appear larger and longer.

Falls Church Bathroom contemporary bathroom

7. Install storage shelves in your bathroom in places wher you have space.

8. Use dramatic tile (size and color) to enhance the dimension of your bathroom.

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