Knockdown Texture

Knockdown Textured Walls

A new coat of paint can liven up a dull and boring room that has dated popcorn ceiling or walls in need of repair. You can accomplish so much more than simply painting drywall or a ceiling, especially if you are into specialty textures. Techniques for painting knockdown textured walls and ceilings are used frequently in home improvement and commercial remodel projects. This technique is used frequently in painting projects for homes, apartments and heavy traffic commercial areas.

Knockdown Texture Basics

Knockdown texture is applied to drywall or ceiling before paint is applied. Knockdown hides imperfections and can help to deaden sounds  Its effects are similar to that of Spanish-style stucco. The knockdown texture is used a lot in rental apartments because it is durable and holds up against a lot of wear and tear. Homeowners use knockdown when they are looking for a more dramatic look or an effect to hide imperfections in drywall.

Part of the beauty of knockdown texture is that it does not have to be symmetrical. The texture has more interest when it is random and uneven, so you do not need to worry about being perfect.

The knockdown texture process is easy, but also messy. If knockdown is being applied to walls in a furnished room, the use of  adequate drop cloths is necessary. The basics of a knockdown textured wall involve sheetrock joint compound sprayed in dollops over the surface of the wall.

This joint compound is allowed to set briefly, and then it is lightly troweled to knock down the tops of the dollops. This forms a rough, uneven finished surface. The uneven surface is part of the reason that so many people need techniques for painting knockdown textured walls.

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