Hurricane Irene Victims Need our Help

Hurricane Irene is gone.. Thank God!!! Now is the time for cleanup. We encourage everyone to pitch in and help those that were affected by the floods. Although the hurricane did not bring the devastation that was touted so many lives have been affected. Have a heart and seek out those that need a helping hand.

The news has covered so many stories of small businesses and homes that have lost everything due to the flood waters and rivers overflowing. My heart and prayers go out to the innocent victims of this storm. I chose a charity to donate to and want to encourage others to do the same. There are so many charities that are trying to help out. Choose one that is legitimately helping people.

One of my favorite charities of choice is the American Red Cross. They are always one of the first on the scene that people in need turn to when tragedy strikes. They have shelters, give food, solace and just about everything that people need in these instances.

The AARP has a toy donation program that collects toys for children in hospitals and shelters. When you think about all of the displaced kids in shelters, it really makes sense to have toys for kids.

Food Banks in cities are in desperate need right now, since so many people are without power and have lost so much. The NYC Blood Center lost valuable donations because they had to close for the hurricane. I am sure that other areas like Vermont, North Carolina, upstate New York, and Massachusetts are feeling the same pain. If you are in those areas or visiting, consider making a donation to save a life, if you can.

We can all do something to ease the burden a little off someone who has lost so much in the storm. We are a nation of giving and helping out our fellow brethern.

As a Ft. Lauderdale home improvement contractor, we are encouraging everyone to pitch in and help someone that may have lost their home due to a flood, their job or some other loss due to Hurricane Irene.

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